Monday, June 2, 2008


One of the things I enjoy doing while playing ball with the girls (just because I'm an ass like that) is putting Kate in a down, throwing the ball for Bella, waiting until she just picks it up and then releasing Kate. I should really get video of this sometime. Kate goes right at her full speed. Bella doesn't move a muscle until Kate is about 10 feet away from her. The faces Bella makes during her avoidance maneuvers are right up there with the shaking water off shots.
The above shot zoomed into Bella, 'cause it's just to weird not to.Some times she has to just close her eyes and pray

She is always, however, plotting to kill me in my sleep


  1. *SNORT!*

    She makes such funny faces!

  2. That is some crazy side stepping! I love your photos and your dogs are gorgeous!