Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Keep Your Sidekick Happy

I think we are starting to get the Successful Trial Weekend Scheme down.

The key is Kate.
The star of the show must never forget or ignore their trusty Number 2. I mean, what's Batman without a content Robin? Lucy with no Ethel? Shrek sans Donkey? Nothing, I tell you, nothing.

Kate's first bonus? Flys in the hotel room. She thought she died and went to neurotic dog heaven.

Non-stop with the darting and staring. I was a bit slow with the shutter, but this one is Kate nanoseconds after slamming her muzzle into the headboard. See the speck? The speck that is just natural coloring on the wood? Yeah? Not a fly, Kate. And, stop trying to act like you were just all sniffing the pillow. We all saw you.

She also had to keep checking Bella. I mean, that is a sidekicks job, yeah?Bella likes to fly hunt as much as the next dog, but after about a dozen of my OMGwillyoujustlaydownalready's to Kate, she tried to pretend she was deep in thought.


Bonus two...actually get encouraged to pester your sister.

"You gunna throw a ball?"

"No, Kate, go get Bella"

"Srsly?""K, weeee"Incoming!Swing and a miss!It's so rare for Bella to get the full-on zoomies...I love this face! And my handsome girl had a great weekend. 9 out of 10 Q's! I am not real fond of her new stopping-on-the-top-of-the-A-frame trick, but I'll take what I can get! Good girl, Belly!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Someone's Thinking...Woot!

Don't get excited, I'm not talking about Kate. Miss Bella was all about the sheepies on Saturday. I'm not sure what was different for her. It could possibly be the 3 hours we spent at agility before going to our herding lesson. Maybe that's the key...wear the shit out her beforehand. :-)

She was horribly impatient.
Is it just me, or is that cutest back-of-the-head ever?

Her tail is going down and much less dustShe's starting to look like her mom (Not her dad, 'cause, you know, he was an ACD!)

OK, it wasn't alllll pretty, but still, progress! Not a single bark!And Kate? Well, she's still good at this!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

She's A Mutt, Already!!

Who "she?" This she...The next person that has the following conversation with me at an agility trial WILL be kicked in the shin.

Know-It-All: Whhyyy do you have your dog listed as an All-American?

Me: Because she is

Know-It-All: No she's not, that's a Border Collie.

Me: Well, her mother was...

Know-It-All: [cutting me off and speaking to me with eyebows raised and head tilted slightly to the side like I'm a 5 year old with brain damage] Ohh, and what do we think her father was?

Me: "We" don't "think," "we" know her father was an ACD.

Know-It-All: Well, [obviously not believeing the damaged 5 year olds answer] I still think she's all BC.

Good grief! Every. Single. Trial.

I actually had that conversation three times this past weekend. I think I should have a shirt made....

The front

I know they come in that color
I know they can be ticked
I know they can have smooth coats
I know they can have goofy ears
I know I could ILP her

The back

I also know her father was an ACD!

That way, when I get asked I could just twirl to get my point across and wouldn't have to get irritated at all. I mean, how irritated can you get if you're twirling in public?

Why do people want so desperately for my little dog to be pure bred? Why do they care enough to argue with me about it? Isn't she perfect just being who she is?