Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's Raining Men!

Well, it's raining bovine bits, anyway. Mr. Nice UPS Guy bought the girls a big ol' box of bullies! I never thought I'd say this, but I currently have 150 bull penis's (penis'? penii? *shrug*) in my house. I know the majority of the folks perusing my blog are dog people. I know you get the thrill of finding bully sticks for 51 cents a piece. Have you ever tried explaining that to non-dog/non-pet people at work? If your reputation at the j-o-b is less than stellar I would suggest asking your penis purveyor to send in a plain brown wrapper. Just sayin'

I love to watch Bella go into her I'm-smarter-than-everyone routine. She's so slick.

What do we have here? *nudge nudge*

Oops, look at that. One fell right out of the box.

Let me get that for you. Can't have parts just laying around the house.

And here is something you don't generally see here. Attitude. Look at the Stink Eye she is giving Kate for coming near her box of chewy goodness!

Though, she immediately felt shameful. Probably because she remembered the number one house rule that goes a little something like this: Act like an asshole and you lose it.

She decided to go above my head. Please God, make her say "free," make her say "free."

Now, I am a fan of stupid labeling. I find it entertaining that there are detailed directions on shampoo bottles and jars of peanut butter, but this one takes the cake.

Not for human consumption? You mean I can't take a few to work to keep in my desk? Use one to stir my coffee? Replacement toothbrush? Haha! Has this been a problem in the past? WTF?


  1. MMmmmmm.... bull flavored coffee. Maybe we can invent a new dog treat ;)

  2. Awesome dog blog! Your dogs are so cute and have so much expression! dogs wanted me to ask: "Where do you find 51 cent bully sticks"?

  3. I have to ask that too! 51 cents?? My dog would die and go to heaven should a hundred and fifty bully sticks show up at the house.

    He's bad enough when we get a new orbee!

    Great pictures! As usual!


    Buy in bulk, baby!


  5. Look like Slim Jims to me.

  6. "Look like Slim Jims to me."

    That's just another thing to add to the long list of reasons to never eat a Slim Jim. LOL!

  7. Holy cow! I think I just about wet my pants when I read "51 cents a piece." I can now supply my crew without having to take out a second mortgage. Thank you!!

    Awesome blog by the way! I shouldn't let me excitement over this score overshadow my manners! :-)

  8. Father of a friend of mine stayed at her house a couple days. On leaving, he said, "Those chips in that container are terrible--no favor." They were chicken strips.

  9. I had always been reluctant to give my dog Skye a bully stick, aka dried up stinky old bull penis, since I thought it would give her a taste for large, ferocious, alive and very-easy-to-step-on-dog actual BULL. But hey, how many of those are walking around in the city??!!
    Great photo story!

  10. Oh THANK YOU THANK YOU for the link to bullysticksonline!!!!!

    My dogs love bullysticks but they were too expensive to use other than for special treats.

    I just ordered a box and my dogs thank you in advance :-)