Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Since The Dog Park Incident of 2013, we have resorted to law breaking. We are hanging out in the mornings at the non-dog park end of the same park. Out of eyesight, out of earshot. Mornings are peaceful. Running the grass greatly preferred.
Faces of criminals
As far as I can tell Animal Control is not up at 6AM. The lady who cleans the park bathroom is, though. She’s cool with our law breaking. We helped her pick up a bunch of garbage one morning that some jackass had left behind. Who cleans out their car at a public park and dumps stuff in the parking lot that is 10 feet from a garbage can? Eh, anyway, if you happen to have a dog that will help by picking newspaper up cleaning ladies will totally ignore the fact that it is happening off-leash.
We occasionally have to dodge sprinklers. Those huge park soaking sprinklers? The kind that will lift a Kate off the ground if she is standing over one when it comes on. We know this from personal experience.
Sparkling clean underparts
And on a non-dog related note, I am not one to be bothered by age. I’m 43, who gives a shit? I do, however, find it weird when I am reminded of my age. Maybe because it’s not something I generally think about. Perhaps because I don’t have kids I don’t have that constant generation gap reminder? Anywho, I have a 21 year old working for me. We spent a good portion of yesterday cleaning out an old computer junk cabinet. Let me just say there were lots of 5-1/4” floppy disks and I totally work for a hoarder. I actually found Lotus 1-2-3 disks…?!?! 
Anyway, while we are toss, toss, tossing, he holds up a stack of color slides and says, “What are these?” I look at him with a combination of shock and horror and wait for a smile.
“What? … Wait…. Really? You don’t know what those are?”
There is a tremendous amount of kidding around that goes on and I was unsure, hoping actually, that my leg was being pulled. Wasn’t. He had never seen a slide. Never used a film camera.
Holy shitballs! I mean, I have a dog that has used a film camera.
Just, wow.