Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Tongues Say It All

“L” is for “Leave me alone”

“M” is for “Man, she’s bitchy”

Did you just call me….wait…M?

How did she do an M?

I can only dot an I over here

I guess I’ll settle for rolling my GRR’s

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Back In The Saddle

And sometimes you get back in that saddle head first.

We are talking about Kate here, right?

I guess, if you are going to get back at it, may as well be full steam ahead

I think she takes that reference a little too literally

I think it’s safe to say she’s feeling better

No prob stretching those legs anymore!

Back to the pain-free blank stare

O hai! Alls bettrz!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

She's Torn For No Reason

Sorry - crappy cell phone pics enclosed
Normally, Belly the smart one. When she does stuff like this I just stand there with my eyes slightly squinty, head cocked to one side and brow all furled. Did you guys switch bodies?

Let's see here... Raining felines and canines. Already soaked to the bone. Been chasing balls through all sorts of puddles, but, god forbid you step into the puddle to get a drink out of the bowl in the middle of the puddle?

Really Bella? Really?

"Maybe I can streeeetttchh over there"

Seriously, she wouldn't do. Note the fountain right behind here. There's a dog bowl there, too. And, of course, one could always just drink out of the damn puddle, right? Even Kate's looking at like she's a dummy.

Kate would walk through fire to get a drink. Waterholic.

Miss Kate Kate is doing much better. I started letting her run a bit before our two week lockdown ended. Partly because she was feeling better, partly because she was driving me batshit crazy. She only got meds the first few days because she was so painful.

No more gimpy Kate. No more stoned Kate. Although, it is a bit hard to tell the difference between stoned Kate and normal Kate.

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Lone Woof: A Kate-Free Installment

So Kate, being the dingbat that she is – I may have mentioned that a few times - is currently on injured reserve. I have no idea what she did, but she hurt her back. Poor Kate is the perfect example of the fact that ‘biddable’ does not equal ‘smart’.

She wants to do what you ask the nanosecond you ask it. No planning. No thinking. Just move.

Go out to pee? Will do!! Right now!! Ow, the screen’s not open.

Get in the car? Will do!! Right now!! Oww, the door is on the back, not the side.

In my expen? Will do!! Right now!! Owww, I can’t fit through those tiny little wires

And so on.

I think she twisted herself going to bed. Yes. This is the dog that hurt herself falling off of grass, remember? To go to bed, one needs to go down the carpet covered hall. Make a right into the hardwood floored bedroom. 180° turn. Hop on bed. You can see where this could be an issue at 90MPH? Yeah, me too.

So, I have 5 more days of “rest” and we see where she’s at.

Bella has been loving it. So much so that I fear she may start injuring Kate on purpose.

Not only did she get Kate-free time today, she got everyone-free time. Not a soul at the park this morn.

Little brown dog. Park to herself

Enjoying the little patch of morning sun

Freedom tastes good

You can even throw in some smack talking when there is no one around to hear you

You should always double-check, though

Enjoy it while you can, Punk. I suspect there will be barking in your ear in the very near future.