Monday, June 27, 2011

Do You Wonder What They Do During The Day?

Answer:  Not much.

Bella's "work" day in 6 second increments.  Made fast like as not to bore you to tears.

Kate tomorrow if I can finagle the cam in that direction.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Here We Are

Been back from vaca for a few weeks (!) and just not feeling the camera thing of late. Plus, been too damn hot to sit in my non-air conditioned home office and sort photos.

We have finally cooled off to a normal Bay Area temperature. That lovely temp where you don’t actually need A/C.

Vacation was wonderful. Was in Denmark.
How do they get the lawn mowers up there?
Denmark (43)

You know what I took the most photos of?

Denmark (42)

Of course.

White-headed Marsh Sheep. (?) Cute and delicious!

Such poofy moms!

Denmark (12)

The girls did great on their Nine Day Not Quite A Vacation. Although, Bella did sleep like bloated road kill for two days after. They both seemed happy and relaxed. Just missed the 7 or so hours of sleep they normally get during the day.

Everyone no worse for wear!



They also had their first ever professional grooming whilst there. I asked how they did. Even though they are completely fine with me bathing them, they have never been given a bath by a stranger. The groomer was with clients so we couldn’t bother him, but the front desk girl said they must have been fine because “we usually only hear about it when it didn’t go well.” HAHA.

I decided to have them groomed completely out of laziness on my part. I knew they would need it after nine days there and also knew I would not feel like doing it on my one free day before going back to work. Apart from the sticker shock ($45 per dog!!) I was quite pleased. My normal grooming routine is to furminate and brush once a week and bathe when required (not often). I am still amazed at how good they look and much less they are shedding. What are they doing differently? Is it the products? The blow drying?

  I may have to make this a spring ritual.


Regardless of their opinions! :-P