Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pictures Later!

I often find myself quite irritated with general dog-owning public. I get dismayed at the flyers posted at the dog park.

"1 pound Yorkies for sale!"
"Rare blue nosed pit puppies ready to go!"
"Help us find our intact Doodle dog that got out of the yard and is impregnated god-knows-what in the neighborhood"

So, I had my usual reaction when I saw a flyer posted by someone looking for a dog. It went something like this...

"Our son wants a puppy. Anyone know of any Lab breeders or puppies for sale?"

I, of course, had the usual reaction....ugh. Looking for breeder recommendations at a dog park? And, Labs at that. Like there aren't enough BYB Labs floating around. Then last night there was an update scribbled on the flyer.

"Thanks. We found our puppy! Adopted him from San Jose Animal Care. Looking forward to meeting everyone when he's old enough to come to the park."

Yay! And, I seriously need to stop being so negative. Some people actually do the right thing. Here's wishing many happy years for a boy and his new dog.

Ok, ok, just one pic.


  1. Exactly! I feel the same way. My friend bought a $1500 lab puppy from a BYB (and though she is lovely - see pictures on my blog), she could have adopted a shelter pup who'd be just as lovely and then had $1350 left over to spend on obedience classes, agility classes and agility trials!

  2. BTW - LOVE your blog and LOVE the pictures of your dogs. I've been lurking here for quite a while, but this post compelled me to comment!