Sunday, June 16, 2013

Not A Dog

But a familiar shape, none the less, no?


It's not just co-workers that save bugs for me. I have weird friends that do it, too.


That would be North Bay friends. Thankfully, we don't deal with these buggers on the other side of the bay. I never even saw on when I lived in AZ. Got three delivered to me on ice during a lunch outing, though!

And just for future reference, should a pal of yours bring you chilled bugs in a zip lock they either need to come out of there ASAP or stay refrigerated. The poor little guys started getting moldy! Click on this one to view bigger via flickr. Fuzzy Scorp elbows. Weird!


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Restoring Balance

We are all creatures of habit. We all like our routines, our normals. In the morning that is usually collie-ish dogs at one end of the park, labs at the other. Bella is just back to being allowed off leash. The comment was made to me this morning, “it’s nice to have the balance restored at the dog park.”
We agree
Kate needs to make sure the picture taking balance is intact, too.
Checking up on me.
Bella is getting used to the cone now that it’s about time for it to come off. She removed the stitches from the smaller cut on her belly less than 48 hours after surgery so spent the previous Monday AND Thursday at the vets. I was worried sick Monday. Thursday? Not so much. That one was on her. She made her bed and lying in it consisted of a day at the clinic and some staples. Tough.
We also learned that they were, in fact, just lipomas. It was suspected, but the one with some mammary involvement was a teeny bit concerning.
I have always joked that ticking on a dog is like hotel carpeting – hides all the dirt. It also hides stitches and shaves up pretty well. Would you even notice that her shoulder is shaved and has stitches if it wasn’t pointed out?
Camo dog
It’s nice to have a not-so-sad-face dog back. She is happy to have her ball carrying duties reinstated.
Kate is happy that her life is no longer being ruined.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Before And After

The most noticeable of her lump collection pre-op

Now, the princess no longer has a pea
It is nice to see her stretched out, though. The first 24 hours were rough for her as she has these 2 underneath and the other is on her right shoulder. Both sides uncomfortable to be on. She was laying down as this weird c-shaped pile of dog.
She was very perky this morning and slightly confused as to why Kate got to play ball like normal at the park and she had to follow on leash. The horror! Good to get out and stertch the old legs a bit anyway. Looking forward to not having anything to worry about for a while!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What A Difference A Day Makes

A little ball
Fart around with Sister
Some half-assed waving
Hack up some grass
Just enjoy a beautiful early summer day
Dum dum dum duuuuummmm Bella on ice
Vets and drugs and poking, prodding, slicing

Back to sun worship
Just now with more narcotics!
Bella had three fatty thingymabobs removed. Besides the normal pain that comes with surgery, she is doing well. I was more worried about the anesthetic than anything else as she has not been knocked out since her spay 9.5 years ago! Two we know are just your run of the mill lipomas. The third, a new one, was right next to a nipple. Even though that appears to just be fat cells as well it is going to be looked at closer due to mammary nearness.

Kate been curious but appropriate. Perhaps wondering about the preferential treatment, but otherwise unimpressed with her sisters’ condition.

I have to actually work tomorrow. Boooo! I hate seeing her like this but take some comfort in the fact that most of her weirdness is drug induced. The one removed from her shoulder seems to be the most tender. At least she doesn't have to lay on that one!

I'm sure she'll be back to normal soon. Fingers crossed!