Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Aww, We're Blushing!

The Food Lady at "Three Woofs And A Woo" has been kind enough to lay a blogging award on on us! Wow, I don't know what to say. Id' like to thank:

  • My Mom for having me. Well, Dad, too. I do believe he had a hand in it.

  • My boss for deciding to upgrade his camera and selling me all his used equip. I'd like to thank him even more for not asking for it back when he decided to not really upgrade.

  • All the irresponsible people out there that don't fix their pets and end up producing Bella's. Also, those kind folks that get divorced and leave their Kate's at the Humane Society, 'cause, you know, when you get divorced you are not allowed to take your dog with you.

  • Wait. Maybe I shouldn't thank those people. No, no, that wouldn't be right. Not Right at all. Spay and neuter, people! And furchristsake, if you can't plan past 3 months don't get a dog! A-holes!

    Am I hearing music? Yes? OK, on
    to my blog picks!
Well, my first pick would be Three Woofs And A Woo. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do that, though. I fear that we may create this never ending circularity of back patting that may cause the universe to implode. So, in the interest of saving the planet, I will leave TWAAW in spot 0. Yes, 0 comes before 1.

1. "Lassie, Get Help" Louisa's great blog about just about everything. One of those blogs that actually makes you learn things. Although, being a lazy blogger and lazy blog reader, I would appreciate the occasional post that is just pics of your dogs with maybe some small words thrown in. Thanks. :-)

2. "Mike's Birding & Digiscoping Blog" Great bird photography and equipment info. I aspire to Be Like Mike, as my bird photos usually end up being unidentifiable blobs in trees.

3. "JumpFast" Agility blog (and some other dog sports). I love the videos. Perfect learning tool for me.

4. "ChiendogBlog" Found this via Lassie, Get Help. Absolutely stunning dog photos. "His photos online" aren't too shabby, either!

5."Paws Off Course" Border Collie, agility, great young photographer. What's not like!


  1. Found you through 3 woofs... Love your photos :) Adding you to my roll :D

  2. Gee, Fan,
    It is sooo nice to be at least grudingly acknowledged.