Name: Kate
Birthday: Some time in or around 2003
Religious View: God is small and round and fits in a Chuck-It
Fears: Being wrong, giant dogs, a world without balls
Likes: Chewing, not having to think, running for no reason, the words: grandma, cow, ball and hungry.
Dislikes: Barking dogs, the voices in her head
Occupation: Eye Candy
Nicknames: Kateness, Dingbat, CupKate, Noodle

I don’t know if dogs can be autistic, but if they can then she is. A friend refers to Kate as a savant. I usually just call her an idiot. She is one of those dogs that could tell you the square root of 5842, but will walk into a screen door… repeatedly. She is known to run into fences, sit with her tongue sticking out, and try desperately to enter a crate with its door closed.

If anyone is going home with a bruise, it’s Kate.

She really is the weirdest dog I have ever met. When people ask what she is I usually reply, “Border Collie and something annoying.”

She has a totally pure soul. Wears her heart on her sleeve. No ability to lie whatsoever. She is a very in-the-moment dog. She has a desperate need to not be “wrong” and does best when she knows, 100%, what is expected of her. I have spent the last 6 years convincing her that the sky is not falling. I think she is starting to believe me.

I remember the first day she offered me a behaviour like it was yesterday. A little wave. One little paw thrust up in the air, with no prompting. She was so proud of herself for trying. So was I.

Kate is a good barometer for me. If you are unsure of your mood or motives, look at Kate. You’ll know. I think she was sent here to teach me patience. I don’t know how successful she has been, but we keep working on it. She makes me think in-the-moment, too. It’s just about right now and having the most fun with what you have. She keeps my priorities straight.



  1. I just came across your blog. This bio cracked me up! I feel inspired to make bios for my blog..maybe some other day;)

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  4. I love the bio too. Funny, but insightful. Great pics.

  5. Very very cute! Like it! ;)

    PS: great pics!