Sunday, June 29, 2008

How To Catch


Pull your ears back and plaster your face with a look of grave concern
Open gob
Close gob


Open gob
Keep gob open
Seriously, just hold it there...eventually...
Mom will make it in your mouth

And, my little "lady"
This is Kate sitting on the couch. She is all hot and bothered after our rousing game of Try To Throw The Toy Directly Into My Mouth. This should probably go into another sequences thread, but here you have it...Buuuuurrrrrrp
That's what you get for missing so much


  1. Great sequence shots :) They are all so photogenic!

  2. Awesome posts, but the BURP sequence made me laugh out loud! (Molly is a big burper!)

  3. I am SO relieved that there are other border collies out there that use the same "technique" for catching that my girl does. Your Kate and my Luce must be related ... the only way she catches anything is if our aim is very, very good :-)