Monday, September 10, 2012

City Woods

As much as the cost of living here disgusts me, there are a few perks. It is kind of cool that even though it is the 10th largest city in the US there is still a fair amount of outdoorsy.
Not totally out of the ordinary to see a wild turkey at the dog park
I have seen deer, bobcat, coyotes, and tarantulas in city parks.
City is never that far, though.
Yes, the trees smell nice. Six-lane expressway on the other side of that wall, though.
She doesn’t care. Just likes walking in the crunchy bits
Pretend hunting. I love the cautious sniffing. One back foot lagging behind. Something for me to grab onto should she need rescue?
Hi! I am in the woods but not really!
It gives Kate a chance to attend to something other than the voices in her head.
So funny to watch her root around. She gets so serious and methodical.
Lots of staring. No chasing allowed. Staring OK. Hard staring. Like, trip over her because she does not move kind of staring.
And so not the best bug shot ever, but see the little droplet on the left side?
Bella spittle.
Was helping. :)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Exercise Trail


Mantis Mood Lighting

These are the only trial pics I took last weekend.
A little friend sharing my chair.
They are so cool, but it’s weird to have a bug turn its head just to look right at you.
And not in a scared kind of way, either. Just looking.
Bug eye contact, disconcerting

Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Good Pal

I just love running this little dog.
I think we are both benefiting from a reduced trial schedule. Such a good time playing with her last weekend. She was hauling some little brown ass, too.
So many people are starting young dogs right now. Folks all excited about what's coming up, proud of their pups staying with them and doing a good job, lots of training talk and future talk.
That stuff holds zero appeal to me right now. I am just loving my worn-in dog. No thinking beyond point gathering and putting together a fun course for her. I don't have to worry about what may or may not happen. I know exactly what our faults are and where our weaknesses lie, quite frankly, don't really give a shit at this point. We manage to balance each other out most of the time. I know that we either will or will not have weaves. She may back jump occasionally...but only in Snooker. She may decide she feels like working close...but only in jackpot. And, I will, promise, get in her way at least three times a weekend.
It's just how we roll.
She's like that old, comfy pair of shoes you just can't get rid of even though you wouldn't dare to wear them out in public at this point.
Photo sidebar - an actually nice jumping pic of her below! In so many, her ass is all up in the air looking like it thinks it belongs to a different dog. The perils of being built like a bowling pin.

And I really like just running. I think it's funny that people can't seem to understand that we are running to just run. I keep getting asked what we are working on.
What do you mean "nothing?" CATE2? Going back to level 5 for more CATCHs? C-10? What?
Really, nothing on the horizon. Just running.
Well, she has to be close to C-10, so we'll go with that.
WTF? HAHA! It's like a sickness with people. It is really that difficult to just enjoy some time with your dog?

And, not sure why the squinty face. I mean, I could drive my car through a CPE tire. I don't think she has even seen a USDAA tire in about 4 years. No need to suck it in, Belly. I do think this was from our 43 point FH run, so maybe dust in her eyes? :-)

All photos by Dave Mills -