Sunday, September 28, 2008


So, I thought the stars were aligned for me today. The girls and I are upstairs this morning and they actually start playing. This only happens about once every 4-5 months and never when my camera is near and certainly not when it's actually sunny and upstairs resembles something other than a cave. They were going at it good. A full on bitey face, play bowing, rip roaring good time. I had great shots. You know the kind that make you go, "Ohh, HAHA!" when you scroll through them?

Since it was such a great morning and we had nothing else to do we packed up and headed to The Secret Park. Again, great light, dogs doing funny things.

Then the dreaded "For" which would be short for format. I just heard the Nikon users gasp. Yes, the camera is not reading the damn card! All those Ohh HAHA shots gone! Tarnation!!

So, I had to re-format and start over. Damn. Needless to say I haven't felt unfunnier than I do right in quite a while. Feel free to make up your own captions. At least Kate is always ready to provide some jocularity.

Ima gunna go pout s'more.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

They're Pea-nuttier!

Everyone knows the hella-annoying song, right? That thing you can't get out of your head for, like, days at a time? You start dreaming about dancing bananas? 'Cept at my house it's...

Peanut Butter Belly Time!!!

Look at the tongue curling action! I should teach her that cherry stem trick that loose women do. We take our mashed legumes very seriously For some weird reason - peanut butter high, perhaps - Bella always ends up looking like an old man. She totally looks like she should be playing checkers in the park, right?

Then we have Miss Mush Face

She's getting good with the posing, too. Look at how nicely she fit herself in the frame!

Kate is torn between her love of peanut butter and her hatred of me doing things just so I can laugh/photograph. Her mouth is happy, the rest of her is not quite sure. Haha!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Say It With Me Now....Weeeee!

Let me start by pre-apologizing for the crappy pic quality. Not only do we have the marine layer to deal with, but also a shit-load of dust since my dogs are tearing around like nut jobs. Horrible, horrible lighting.

We started taking herding lessons. Apart from being an incredible amount of fun it is also thought provoking. It is totally amazing how different they are on sheep. Bella acts like a complete nutter and Kate is, dare I say, ballsy. It's very weird. The Bellinator is a barking machine. To the point of being irritating. Kate is only barking when she gets too close. Our instructor said what Kate is doing is totally normal. I don't really care what Kate is doing, I am shocked that someone said "Kate" and "normal" in the same sentence!

You will oft hear working folks talk about how it's the work that defines the breed. The fact that your dog "herds" the cat, or other dogs, or a tennis ball does not mean it can/will/would show any talent on sheep. I can now concur on a seen-it-with-my-own-eyes level.

Let's see that in pictures, shall we?

Bella on squeaky ball
Bella on sheep Ball SheepBall
SHEEP!WTF, right? Haha!
And then we have Kate, who, apart from her tail looking like that of a scared cat, actually looks more dog-like.

SheepOK, OK, she does have an overload moment to two, but still... And then we have the pro

More to come! Hopefully from a sunnier Sunday!

Monday, September 15, 2008

This Post Intentionally Left Blank

Do you see me shaking and biting my nails? Yes? That would be me going through internet withdrawals. My landlord/roommate/killer of internet switched from one Big Phone-Internet-Cable Conglomerate to another Big Phone-Internet-Cable Conglomerate. BPICC #2 jacked up my internet connection from BPICC #1.

I got home on Friday and I was all...That soon turned to...
Once I realized that bitching and moaning wasn't going to solve the problem, I got all...

So, hopefully BPICC #1 will straighten this crap out today and I can share "herding" photos with you later.

And, FYI, those are not inappropriate quotation marks, 'cause my dogs aren't herding shit at this point. It's more like circle, circle, circle, bark, bark, bark, with an occasional ass chomp thrown in for good measure.

Friday, September 12, 2008

You Know You Shoot Too Much When...

your dog stops to pose at inappropriate times.

"Ooohh, camera! How's my hair?"

That does give me a brill idea, though. Maybe I should run with a camera so Brown Dog will actually stop on her contacts. Can't you see it?

Get out
*pulls camera out of pocket and holds to face*
Smile, Belly!
Good Girl

And just 'cause she's cute...

Water Dog

Miss Kate loves her water. So much so, that she would spend an hour sitting in the tub if I let her. We have the same conversation about the tub on a damn-near daily basis. She thinks I'm just nagging, but, come on, I don't deal with dog park BS so she soak her dang cuticles. Am I right? I mean, we have plenty of time to sit around at home. Chase something, dangit!

"Yes, I'm in it again. Are you going to boot me out?""She won't, but I will""Seriously, move over!"And if you turn the water on, switching from soaking tub to jacuzzi? Forgetabouit, she's in for the count.You can totally her her say "ahhhh," right?

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Silver Streak Suckage

So, I have this thing about trial toys. There is, of course, Bella's normal agility-only tug, but I need something else for actual play time. Other Toy needs to be something that can be tugged on, but also thrown should the need arise and the space be available. I came across the Silver Streak. Great! Tuggable and also throwable. Perfect!

Or, not so much.

This thing is an accident waiting to happen. One is quite happily trotting along when...Wham! It wraps you legs up and takes you down!There is also the dangerous flinging. Always seconds away from taking an eye out.Which, of course, one compensates for by protecting ones eyes...


Maybe safer to just drag it around

This totally sucks!

What are you trying to do to us, Lady?