Sunday, June 29, 2008

More Gobs Today

Bella was on her game today Although, I'm not quite sure what it going on here, I swear she's not pooping! Kate was... ...well, she was Kate. Sure, her ball handling skills leave a lot to be desired, but look at those muscles!The End

How To Catch


Pull your ears back and plaster your face with a look of grave concern
Open gob
Close gob


Open gob
Keep gob open
Seriously, just hold it there...eventually...
Mom will make it in your mouth

And, my little "lady"
This is Kate sitting on the couch. She is all hot and bothered after our rousing game of Try To Throw The Toy Directly Into My Mouth. This should probably go into another sequences thread, but here you have it...Buuuuurrrrrrp
That's what you get for missing so much

Friday, June 20, 2008

Take Your Dog To Work Day

And so I did. It's nice that my office opens up into the shipping bay. Perfect place for ex-pen setup. I mean, it is Take Your Dog To Work Day and not Take Your Dog To The Place You Work And Do Nothing All Day Day, right?

They did get plenty of out time. Bella took a spin at my desk and was totally unimpressed. I will no longer be able to get away with the "poor me, I'm too tired to go to the park" crap.

Kate wasn't having any of the work crap. If someone isn't throwing a ball, it's all about the lounging with her.

All in all it went great. These girls are sooo good. I was amazed at how many people came in and didn't even realize they were there. I am very lucky to have these two, even if they are lazy and unhelpful.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pictures Later!

I often find myself quite irritated with general dog-owning public. I get dismayed at the flyers posted at the dog park.

"1 pound Yorkies for sale!"
"Rare blue nosed pit puppies ready to go!"
"Help us find our intact Doodle dog that got out of the yard and is impregnated god-knows-what in the neighborhood"

So, I had my usual reaction when I saw a flyer posted by someone looking for a dog. It went something like this...

"Our son wants a puppy. Anyone know of any Lab breeders or puppies for sale?"

I, of course, had the usual reaction....ugh. Looking for breeder recommendations at a dog park? And, Labs at that. Like there aren't enough BYB Labs floating around. Then last night there was an update scribbled on the flyer.

"Thanks. We found our puppy! Adopted him from San Jose Animal Care. Looking forward to meeting everyone when he's old enough to come to the park."

Yay! And, I seriously need to stop being so negative. Some people actually do the right thing. Here's wishing many happy years for a boy and his new dog.

Ok, ok, just one pic.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Just A Little Memory Lane

I was browsing photos tonight, as I am prone to doing, and came across this gem. This is Kate on her second day here. Well, hello Miss Fatty Fat Fat. Look at that no-waist-havin' dog!

And her big old thick neck. Haha. This dog is so hard to keep weight on, it's weird to look at her so out of shape.And as messed up emotionally as she was, she sure loved her Bella from mo one.

And Mom, I'm sorry about the socks in the background. I picked them up right after this shot. Swear!

These are just two of my early-days favs. Look her neck is disappearing!

I love this one. It reminds me of the shots from like, what, the fourties? You know the old B&W random shots of humanity. People getting mad in bars and while standing in line for food and shit.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cameras Have Settings

I know, cool, right? I decided to try some today. I generally only shoot in manual mode because I'm controlling like that. I decided to turn a few dials today to see what happened. First, I must say, Sports mode sucks! OMG, awful stuff. I don't know what the camera is doing or what I'm doing wrong, but not a single decent shot. Blech.

There is this thing call Auto where you don't have to think at all. You can even shoot dogs under trees!

The little portrait thingy lets you take meh pictures in meh lighting.Next week I'll try to figure out what the little mountain is for!

Back to manual for some jumping! Not exactly flattering, Bell. That's a little better.And then there is poor Kate. I generally run with her. Even when I lead out I am not usually ducked behind a camera. She was a bit confused by the whole ordeal.

"Oh, not sure what to do."

"OK, if you say so. I'll give it a shot. Still not sure, though."

"I think I've done it..?"

"Weeeeeeee.....I'm still alive!"

She did get some unencumbered me-time, which she took full advantage of.

And I do mean full advantage

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's Raining Men!

Well, it's raining bovine bits, anyway. Mr. Nice UPS Guy bought the girls a big ol' box of bullies! I never thought I'd say this, but I currently have 150 bull penis's (penis'? penii? *shrug*) in my house. I know the majority of the folks perusing my blog are dog people. I know you get the thrill of finding bully sticks for 51 cents a piece. Have you ever tried explaining that to non-dog/non-pet people at work? If your reputation at the j-o-b is less than stellar I would suggest asking your penis purveyor to send in a plain brown wrapper. Just sayin'

I love to watch Bella go into her I'm-smarter-than-everyone routine. She's so slick.

What do we have here? *nudge nudge*

Oops, look at that. One fell right out of the box.

Let me get that for you. Can't have parts just laying around the house.

And here is something you don't generally see here. Attitude. Look at the Stink Eye she is giving Kate for coming near her box of chewy goodness!

Though, she immediately felt shameful. Probably because she remembered the number one house rule that goes a little something like this: Act like an asshole and you lose it.

She decided to go above my head. Please God, make her say "free," make her say "free."

Now, I am a fan of stupid labeling. I find it entertaining that there are detailed directions on shampoo bottles and jars of peanut butter, but this one takes the cake.

Not for human consumption? You mean I can't take a few to work to keep in my desk? Use one to stir my coffee? Replacement toothbrush? Haha! Has this been a problem in the past? WTF?