Monday, November 30, 2009

Spring Is In The Air

Some classic Kate for your back-to-work Monday.






She would totally say “serp” if she could

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Smattering Of Bella And An Acronym Rant

I guess annoying office people have hobbies, too. Some of them play agility with their dogs on weekends. You know the people. Those that take the last cup of coffee and don’t make more. Those that chuckle whilst giving you a little punch on the arm or slap on the back.
(Never trust a chuckler, they are totally bad news).


Those are the same people that say things like “paradigm shift” and “thinking outside the box.” They also like to abbreviate when ever possible. Not sure why. Does it make them feel busier? Like, they just don’t have time to actually say something?


Does it make them feel smarter because people have to constantly reply with a “what the hell are you talking about?”


Unless you have a job that involves the government or guns or the government and guns or you at least wear a uniform that is remotely intimidating and authoritative you don’t need to acronymize everything.


If you are playing agility with your dog on the weekends you totally have time to say Reverse Flow Pivot.


You have lots of time to walk a course AND say serpentine.


You can write BC, but don’t say it. They are Border Collies.


And if you are one of those RFP - serp - thread - BC people, just know that if I overhear you I will totally be calling you names in my head.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Selective Mind Reading

When I think something like…probably time to feed the dogs…or…where the hell did I put those bully sticks…the brown one is right there with me.
Every word, every step, every thought.

However, let that thought be something like…
have to make this gamble jump, frame, tunnel, jump…

she only hears jump, jump?

Or in Snooker, when I think to myself after successfully completing three 7’s…don’t muck up the combo…it’s a threadle, not a 180…

she hears…don’t muck up the 180

(three 7’s wherein the 7 is weave poles….weave poles!! and her…the crappy weaving people….three 7 weave poles!!!!...gah!)

She’s not reading my mind right now. Too tired from fantastical NQs

She did have some great runs runs this weekend, just not the 2 that I wanted. Ain’t that always the way?

^^Foot that doesn’t like yellow paint^^

Kate’s all tired today too although we don’t know why. Sidekick exhausting business I suppose.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

No One Is Getting Any Younger

There are supposed to be a couple of benefits to having a heavily ticked dog. First, they hide dirt well. Doesn’t matter what we’ve been up to or where we have been, Bella always looks exactly the same. Just like hotel carpet.

Second, it should hide aging. No graying muzzles here. Except, she’s just graying in other spots. She’s got the old man tufts coming out of her ears and eye bumps that are starting to snow over.

This depresses the shit right outta me.

She’ll be 7 in Feb. I know that’s far from over-the-hill, but I still feel like we are cresting that hill. Meeting some sort of halfway mark in our time together.

Then today she’s just looking so young. Weird. Nice, but weird.

She gives me this shot. Made me smile when taking pics off the cam.

I know, I can hear you….”Big deal, pic of Bella’s head.” It’s that it reminds me so much of her Super Blocky Head Damn I Hope She’s Not Going To Be Ugly stage. About 4 and a half months.

Youthful head

Old Lady head

There are no signs of slowing
Well, except when required by the situation :-)

Just me being human, I suppose, and worrying about shit I have no control over.

Bella wishes I would just shut the hell up and throw the ball already

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Trial Pics Just Like Home Pics

Lots of TV watching. Belly a CSI fan, too.

Kate probably more Rock of Love girl, but we don’t go there

Poor Kate who must travel with pee pad. Pee pad that I feel the need to hide from Housekeeping because I don’t want them to think that: a) I let my dogs pee indoors or b) it’s for me

Other than ridiculously red bedspread and secret trial toys, just like being at home

Kate is still Kate



Bell is still Bell

Although, we did have a merging of Home Bella and Trial Bella this weekend. She did fantastic. Only had one weave bobble and it was an understandable one. Kind of an odd entry that also happened to be up close to the fencing. Lots of dogs saying “where the hell do the actual poles start.” I’ll take that. It’s amazing how much better you do when not spending time jerking around with weave poles. She Q’d in 6 of her 8 runs and 4 of those were firsts. We have not been placing well of late, so it was a bit of a surprise. Icing on the cake kind of thing. Really fun weekend.

I also noticed that I am much more relaxed now we are done with the lower levels. No more conflicts for me. No more worrying about where I’m supposed to be and when I’m supposed to be there. No more 4 hours with nothing then running in 2 rings. No more Which Fricking Level Are We In That Class. So much nicer!