Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fix My Dog!

OK, agility folks, little help here. Bella has always run a little slower in trials than at home. I chalk it up to inexperience and stress on both our parts. She tends to be faster in the mornings and peter out a bit throughout the day. Hell, I'm tired on Sunday afternoon, too. No biggie, right?

The one super annoying issue has been weave poles.
She loves weaving at home. Will do it all day... thusly

At trials? Shit, you'd swear she has never seen weave poles and is currently unable to see them on the field.

"What poles? I don't see no stinkin' poles"

When you (that is if you happen to be me) finally get her brown-ass in them she will literally walk through them like someone trying to avoid stepping on a third rail.

So after much picture and video studying, every possible issue I have come up with has been proven wrong at our next trial...

Bella doesn't like to collect, hitting weave straight on a prob... nope
I'm handling her too close, wants larger weave personal space bubble... nope
Weaves in shade (or sun or rain, etc)... nope
Sudden onset PVC blindness... nope

So, for lack of something else to do I have been rewarding after every set in practice.

At trial last weekend. Saturday = Bella on fire. Running fast like in class, only listening to me. Not trial sillies. 4 Q's. 3 1st places. And weaving! OK, not quite as fast as at home, but still.

So. Much. Better.

Looks just like when you put a watermelon seed between your thumb and index finger
And squeeze!

I couldn't believe how well we were doing. When she is on a roll I have to layer like 3 obstacles because I can't get where I need to be. Just yell names, she'll figure it out.

I mean, really, photographic proof...the girl was moving!

Then Sunday rolled around. I'm feeling great and thinking my reward after weave scheme is working out great and Bella is all back to her "I can't see weaves" shit. What gives?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tissue Feets

Wonder why Kate always seems to be on the mend?




How does she even do this?!
Buy stock in Vet Wrap and buy it now!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Crappy Pics

Really crappy. In more ways than one crappy. Really, they are horrible. Bad lighting, out of focus, the whole shebang. However, I think they are funny. Maybe you need to know Bella to know how funny.

Bella has a poop problem. She loves other animal poop, as we have discussed before. Sheep, cows, cats, squirrels, etc. Dog poop, however, she is completely disgusted by. Even her own. She can’t get away from her own poop fast enough. Like she is completely freaked out that something that vile would come out of her. God forbid she accidentally step in dog poop. She will literally stop dead in her tracks holding the offending foot up and wait for me to take care of it. Complete with look of horror.

I don’t know what the dog that produced these photos ate, but it pulled Bella out of a dead run. Until she realized what it was.


Ugh, in public, no less

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fancy Footwork

Since one of the dogs, who shall remain nameless *cough*Kate*cough* tore up some feeties again, we are in the house for a few days. To pass some time and get them off my back, we do a little clicker training. We are working on crossing front feet.

It takes Kate a while to be comfy with something new. Until she is completely sure what you are asking for she not-so-willingly participates. Her photos end up looking like a hostage reading a scripted letter…

Um, yeah, things are great, they are treating me well…

Food is good. I’m getting plenty to eat…

They only hit me when I’m bad…

I’d really like to leave now…

Bella, on the other hand, total boredom. Nothing thrown? No fun.

Waiting for treats is stimulating, though

And since her sister is at agility class tonight, Miss Myka gets to play, too. She is doing really well considering it’s only her second footie session and she has done no footwork at all. It is a lesson in patience for me. Shaping is not my strong suit. I do a lot of muttering under my breath….FurChristsSakeStopNoseTouching… FurChristsSakeStopNoseTouching… FurChristsSakeStopNoseTouching…

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

An Intro

No, I didn’t get another dog. I need another dog like I need another dog.

The term “the girls” can now encompass the additional 2 girls. Well, I suppose since we moved in here, we are the additional girls, but you get the drift. Yes, that’s right. We are 4 bitch household. You know what they say, never get 2 girls. As you have seen, my two get on horribly.

What horrors await when you square 2 bitches?

Lots of space issues

Really. They hate each other.

Myka is under constant stress

Spice now has an ulcer

Kate wants to run away

Bella want to see a therapist

They are miserable - see?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Every. Single. Time.

I don’t know why Bella does this at all, let alone every time she is in a body of water. She does not drink like a normal dog. She scoops while she’s laying down. Like a fishing pelican.

That leads to the tickle in the back of the throat.

Which leads to the choke whince

Which leads to the Hail Mary inhale

Which leads to…..GAAACCKK!



What gives? This is a smart dog we’re talking about here. I mean, Kate I could see, but Belly? Weird.

You’re totally blogging this, aren’t you?

Yes, dear dog. Yes, I am.