Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Brown In Black And White

Bella totally should have been an actress. Her range, considering her having the mental capacity of a toddler, is pretty impressive.

The Annoyed Neighbor

The Writer Who Never Actually Writes, Just Thinks About Writing

The Vixen. Or, perhaps at her age…Cougar

The Mall Cop

She can pine

Handle dialog


And Kick Ass

Kate? Not so much. Just three roles for her.

Paranoid Schizophrenic

Blind Dog

Amish Dog Whose Soul Has Just Been Stolen By Camera

Monday, April 27, 2009

Mummy Feets, It Is

I have decided to go the vet wrap route for now. We have done this before and it works well provided I wrap well. We will be moving in a few weeks and our current DP, complete with feet destroying gravel, will no longer be our regular stop. Our new DP comes with fake grass. Looks great, but I am thinking future posts may be about elbow surgery rather than sore feeties – that stuff can be slippery!

So, Kate has been sporting her Mummy Feets

They make her float

And do weird things with her face

But, at least I don’t have to do that panic face where you pull the corners of your mouth back, clench your teeth and inhale sharply every time she does this…

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Still Alive!

We're still here. Still alive. Last week was not our greatest. Bella split a nail, Kate shredded her feeties again, and I had a cold from hell. I was not really in the mood to tote camera around with head full of snot to photograph two gimpy dogs. And now that we are all on the mend, it's like 500° outside. Went to the DP on Tuesday. So hot we were the only fools there. I thought I would try just using the little bucket as the large bucket requires hosing off when we get home and I was trying to avoid having to lean over. It's not cool when it feels like your brain is trying to escape through your nasal passages. The girls weren't buying it


Not so refreshing


Calling me names, I think


So, like all good dog parents, I ignored them. Let them get their run on for a bit. Perhaps they'll forget that they're melting

And, BTW, I love Kate's face here. it kills me that she looks so relaxed and casual. Like she didn't just fling herself in the air at a totally inappropriate time. Haha

Oh, look at that, the ball is way over there. Huh


Close your mouth, Kate!


However, when they started looking all parched and disheveled...


…and I was getting weird looks from the passer-by normal people that just walk their dogs in the shade when it's 500° I decided to bust out the Big Tub

Wet dog = Happy dog

Really happy dog

Like best-day-of-my-life-I'm-never-leaving-this-tub happy

And, does anyone have any suggestions for Kate's feeties? I swear her pads are like toilet paper. We seem to go through this every year when it starts getting warm. Which means they are, more often than not, wet. Boots either don't stay on or end up rubbing the crap out of some other part of her foot. She is just such a hard runner. Sigh.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

More Props To The East Bay!

The South Bay (where San Jose is located for you not-so-local types) is so not dog friendly. In order to run your dogs on grass instead of a gravel dog park, you must be willing to break the law. One must resort to school yards, abandoned housing, city or county owned land that has little traffic and the occasional office park on a weekend.

Not the East Bay. They love dogs. They allow off leash fun in damn-near every regional park. If the path is not paved, pups need not be shackled. Today we headed to the Sunol Regional Wilderness. Total Sound of Music backdrop. It was fantastical.

Sunny and 68°.

A cute little brook. Totally babbling, too, BTW.

And Bella's most favorite thing on the planet

Well, OK, it's not so much the cow, but what comes out of the cow. And this I have to share water with?!

Is this not a look of total content?

Little Miss Shit Lips.

For those of you that know her IRL, keep this post in mind next time she's licking your face.

Once they got their first serving of Field Fudge, I was totally out of the picture for them. The hunt was on.

Do you have any over there? I got nothing over here.

Look at how polite Bell is. Nicely waiting her turn.

Hmm, did Bella find poop over there?

I'm on a hill and I found some poop. I love today!And lastly, Bella On Rock. 'Cause, if you ignore me because you are overtaken with excrement excitement I make you stand on things. That's just the way it works.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Kate As A Dog

These are not spectacular photos. Nothing to write home about. I do love them, though, as they are those rare occasions when I happen to catch Kate just being. Not worrying, not anticipating, not waiting, not expecting. Just being. Being a relaxed normal dog.

Her soft little eyes

Her pointy satisfaction

Attentive, but not manically so
She often looks a little coyote-ish when in a normal mood
Bella has her Wild Thing moments, too, but they are completely softened by the fact that she looks edible. My little chocolate bunny. Could you not just totally bite her head off?

I do have to cherish these times rather quickly, though, 'cause, you know, right around the corner...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Some Salad

Kate, stop eating the grass

Kate! Knock it off


Why are you yelling at me, Lady?

I think I'll try shunning you. Here I go. Shun.

Kate, don't be silly. Don't make me use The Word.