Monday, August 31, 2009

Trial, Avoidance, Spiders


It was a very strange weekend. One of those where you can’t figure out afterwards if you enjoyed yourself or hated it. The weather was bizarre. Friday was 100°+ with killer sun. Saturday was mid-low 90’s with clouds in afternoon. Saturday night the thunderstorms rolled in. Sunday was rainy and cold. We had everything but the snow.

Friday was a games only day, so only various sets of 6 poles here and there. Weaves were pretty good. We did, however, substitute other issues in lieu of sucky weaves. Bella had a few firsts. Not placements, “firsts” as in first time I launched off the A-frame 2 rungs above the contact and, my personal favorite, first time I went between the tire and frame instead of though the tire. I guess the elevation clouded her wee brain. That, and the heat and the lack of sleep. It was not a pretty day for either of us.

Saturday was much better. Standard runs were great. Nailing weave entries with some speed. Weaving with speed. But, popping out at 10th pole. *sigh* Both runs she did this. My instructor asked if I was talking to her. Honestly, don’t remember. Probably was yammering on about something. She did them both great the second time around. I was happy about the speed at the entry and the simple fact that she was just seeing them. I also realized how much my weave stress affects her. I have been really making an effort to not worry about the weaves. Bella can weave. Actually one of those dogs that likes to weave. Don’t stress about weaves. Apparently I have been convincing myself, but not Bella. We had a traditional Jackpot (Gamblers for you real agility folks) on Saturday. I had my Plan A and Plan B. Plan A was for pokey Bella. Plan B consisted of a little extra loop is we didn’t have the buzzer at the end of Plan A. Jump-weaves-Jump-same weaves again-back to Plan A ending and off to Jackpot. I didn’t care about the weaves because we had our points already. It was really a time waster. And, you know, she did both fantastically. Like in practice. Damnit! Why is it always me?!


Kate, stop eating the grass

You’re not the boss of me

OK, you’re the boss of me

Then she tells on herself…

Ohai, was nomming lawns again


Is it just me of has there been an explosion of Black Widows this year? I have never seen this many. They really are the wood pile spiders. They don’t like being in high-traffic areas, like, say, the LIVING ROOM! I have been finding these damn things in places I have never seen them before. We currently have about 10 living on the outside of the fence. If you don’t like spiders pics close your browser now.

The male widow. You can see the little hour-glass. His Mickey Mouse hat is his male naughty bits.

A few juveniles


Not sure what this guy is (house spider?…any ideas?). Tried to tell him maybe not the best fence to be on. Wasn’t listening.

OK, done with ickies. :-)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Trial this weekend!

Three days : August : Nevada

What the hell was I thinking?! 20 bucks says we’ll be home Saturday night! Haha!

Wish the brown one luck! She’s got her game face on.


We have been weaving under pressure as instructed. Weaving to no where. Weaving into corners. Weaving into fences. Practicing entries we would likely never see at a trial. It has been making Bella look at me like I’m an asshole. Sorta like this…


She has however, been doing well. Since our problem is generally doing well everwhere but trials, we’ll see how it goes. If her weaves suck I can always blame The Food Lady. Bella is practicing that too.

She is not looking up at a ball. She is looking up because that’s where Canada is. :-)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Go! Face

You ever shoot at the very second you let a ball fly?

No, you say? Oh. You have a life? Better things to do with your time? Well, you are reading this blog, aren’t you?

Go. Do it. Now. Funny.









Monday, August 17, 2009

Does She Or Doesn't She?

Yes or No?


Yay or Nay?


Ja oder Nein?


Oui ou Non?


You’ll have to just trust me on that one

She’s 50/50 dog, what can I say?
Sometimes we get spectacular catches

Sometimes just spectacular

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Your Very Own Bella

Available now!!!

Get her while she lasts! Just a short trip to Kentucky...

Bella The Original would be ever so greatful.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Missing The Last Piece

Miss Kate has been working hard on the whole Keep Your Eye On The Ball thing.

Making Kate-type progress

Always watching the ball

Never let it out of your sight

Always be aware of its location

It’s the follow through she still has issue with

Please note ball on foot

Please note no ball in frame

Please note, um, uh, I don't know what the hell is happening here. Something to note, though, I'm sure

I can’t believe you take her out in public

Hey, missy, we all have our things

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Oh, Crappy Day!

So, my birthday was last week. My last year of being 30-something! I had the day off. Not because I work for an employee lovin’ company, but because the economy sucks and we are on shortened workweeks. I thought we would enjoy a nice hike at one of our favorite places to do stuff like that.

First, it was 77° when I turned off the highway. In the park, it must have been pushing 350°. Seriously.

Even Kate was not that happy. And she’s always happy about some unknown thing.

Why don’t you love me?

The picture taking sucked because all they did was go from shade spot to shade spot.

I also realized that I am more of a city girl than I care to admit. I love this park on the weekends when it’s busy. When there are other smatterings of humanity. Weekday = deserted. Deserted = hella creepy. Me + 2 spineless dogs + lots of wild animal warning posters does not equal nice, relaxing hike.

These are not scenic pics

These are me scanning the heights for Things That Could Kill Us

Hmm, no Mountain Lion/Coyote/Bobcats….OK, run to next hill…

And, damnit Kate, stop running ahead and standing next to bushes!

The little babbling brook does not do much babbling in the summer.

Damn, I could use some water.

Bella, you’re standing in it.

Holy crap, really? This is it?!

Yup, that’s water

This sucks, can we go home now?