Name: Bella
Birthday: February 24, 2003
Religious View: You know, Dog spelled backwards…
Fears: Diesel engines, puppies, doorbells
Likes: Squirrels, agility, lure coursing, being useful
Dislikes: Vacuum cleaners , tomatoes, having her nails done
Occupation: Doer of Stuffs
Nicknames: Belly, Belly-boo, Punkin, Coco, The Bean

A heart-dog if there ever was one.

She truly is a special, one-of-a-kind dog. I’m not that biased. Others see it, too. There is something oddly human in her thought processes and facial expressions. Kind of creepy sometimes, actually. Like, she knows things that a dog shouldn’t. She is not easily fooled and has no problem calling you out on a lie.

She loves to learn. Loves it. Figuring things out is a passion of hers. Doesn’t matter what it is or who it’s for. She will quite willingly work for anyone. She just wants to do.

All that thinking also lends itself to feelings self-importance and independence. It’s sometimes hard to convince her that she’s not right. Bella firmly believes that she is better at course design than the most seasoned of judges, that her hiking trail is the way back to the car, that her internal clock is right and, damn it, dinner should be at 2:30.

She has taught me a great deal. I am grateful for her lessons and her company.



  1. Religion: Dog backwards. Ha! That's great. Cool blog.

  2. really cute! I like your Dogs! :) They are REALLLYYY cute! :D