Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February Bug(s)

Hoverfly with fancy pants

Also, perished Earwig.

Found while dusting my office at work. Much easier to fuss with lighting when subject does not move unless moved.


If you mention to coworkers that you are doing a bug project they will totally point out every dead bug in the building.

We should really sweep more.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Double Digits

Ten tomorrow!
Sooo weird. I was 32 when I lucked out and got the bestest dog ever. Two jobs ago. Three states ago. Fives homes ago. A lifetime for some. Hopefully half a life time for her.
I am so not someone who celebrates dogs’ birthdays. I have, however, told her for years that she can have cake when she’s 10. Technically that is not until tomorrow, but seeing as they don’t normally consume cakey like things, I pulled the party in to Sat morning to give myself 2 weekend days to deal with assplosions should there be any. One needs to be prepared for these things.
She was surprisingly nonchalant about the whole thing. I think she was trying to play it cool. Not get her hopes up in case she heard me wrong.
Did she say I could have “cake” or “Kate?”
She gave the cake thing a shot. Who wants to lick Kate, really?
Since there were no what-the-hell-are-you-doing’s…
Kate was not having it. No. I couldn’t, really.
Not supposed to touch stuffs on plates. Not interested in being felonious on this beautiful Saturday morning.
Not everyone concerned with the rules
I did talk Kate into a piece via spoon.
Eating off of a spoon is apparently OK.
Yes! It is!
It’s so funny how their personalities show in the way they wait. I had to ask them to hold on a sec while I got focused on the spoon.
Bella? No prob. Could sit there all day. Cake won’t leave her sight, but totally cool with waiting.
“Why do you hate me so much?”
And since it’s old fart day and the oldest fart in the house is home all by her lonesome I was forced to do the dumbest thing ever.
Ask an Aussie if they would like some cake.
Myka had her elevensies BD not too long ago. Last month, I think. I don’t think she had cake.
Bella shared.

And just 'cause it's funny...note the little brown-nosed photobomber. Just keeping tabs.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Am I That Boring?

That is the hood of my car in the pic. I asked them to lay there while I opened the car up, put camera away, etc. Bella is not blinking. She is napping in the park like a homeless person.
Do dogs get mono?
Our whole Sunday saunter was filled with...
And a little of…
Couldn’t even be bothered to be that into squirrel watching. Kate didn’t even bother to turn her head!
They are starting to freak me out a little. Bella has always been pretty ho-hum about leash walks. She doesn’t understand the point of them. I think having a leash on offends her a little. Sort of like putting training wheels on your 17 year olds' bike?
She has never, however, napped in the park.
Barely keeping her eyes open.
Tired little old cocoa bean.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Softening Up

Bella and I have a lot in common. One of those things used to be sleeping habits. Neither of us could stand being touched while sleeping. Large comfort sleep bubbles. Want to cuddle while awake? Fine. Time to actually sleep, though? You get on your side, I stay on my side. If you cross the line I will address it.  See you in the morning!
Now though? She's close to being referred to as clingy. Even just six months ago she would not have tolerated this...
She would have frowned at Kate, held a look of disgust for about 4 seconds and then moved. She even sleeps up against my back now. She is still polite about it, it's just weird.
And, every month in the email newsletter from the place they do daycare and boarding at they do a list of the dog birthdays for that month. The dogs are listed by age starting with the youngest. Bella was second to last this month. Moving on down the list.
She's not that old, but I suspect some of that is like 50 not seeming that old to me anymore now that it's not that far away!
At least my hair isn't getting all crazy and I haven't started sleeping in the car.

Kate's not car sleeping yet.
Totally fights even if completely exhausted from being at daycare for 6 days.
Can't. Sleep. If. Not. In. Bed.

Kate will not age. No slowing down. No crazy hair. No extended naps.
 I think that Kate will just fall over one day and that will be it.
When her batteries run out.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Does She Look Like A Niners' Fan?

Nope, she doesn't care for football, either.
Note the little shadow on the left side? It's attached to something.
The high speed kisser
Poor Bell. This is one of those Kate behaviors that I encourage just because it's funny. Bella gets that look as soon as she hears me say, "Where's Bella?!"
I don't know why the stacking. She probably doesn't know either, though.
I waited until the game started to take them for a walk. Hoped it would be quieter at the park. It was.
Grass eating in peace
. 600_1199
Do you not want to just pinch that face?!
The more I mess around with the macro stuff, the more I realize that the world is covered in spider webs and random hairs.

It's kind of gross, really.