Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I didn't even know this was still a thing. Good thing, I suppose, as it was the email from them this morning wishing Kate a happy birthday that reminded me that it is indeed her day. Gotcha day, anyway. 

So strange that it has been nine years. That would make Kate eleven-ish. Everything is –ish with her. 

The sorta…






almost dog…


It’s odd that she is not really aging yet. She can be a little stiff getting up post nap if she has had a good run, but other than that, still just weird little Kate. This pic below is from her first day home with us. They are really just reacting to the flash, but it still makes me laugh.

 Sooooo happy to be together. Ha! 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The best bed poser

She really does look smashing on white.


Sunday, July 6, 2014

A little coast trip

As much as I suck at landscape photography it is hard to make the California coast look bad. 


Bixby Bridge. Not as popular as that other California bridge so often photographed in the fog, but a pretty neat structure nonetheless. I can’t imagine building that! 

Bixby Bridge 

“Hey! We’re on a big pile of sand!” 


What is not to love about Carmel? I wish there was something to do for a living there other than own a restaurant or tourist shop or pick berries. What a great place to be. 

Belly thinks so, too. Although could have used sun glasses. 


She is just fascinated by moving sand. I think she thinks something is there making it more. Kate, as you can tell, not that impressed. 


They did very well with the fireworks. They don’t really do anything other than get a little clingy, but still, we do a lot of Cookies for Boom-booms. Bella picks up on this game quickly every year. 

“You hear that? Where’s my Charlie Bear?” 


Saturday, July 5, 2014

Camera words

If you have a dog and a camera you most certainly employ those special please-look-a-little-cuter photo op words. "Squirrel" or "birdies" work particularly well for Bella. Especially if uttered in the form of a question.

To get Kate to go from this...


To this...


Just a whispered "who's there?"

Which is funny 'cause she could not care less if someone was actually there or not.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Crappy cell pic but...

How cute is the firework induced cuddling?

Safety in numbers, right?

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Vacay and home poopers

This is the first time in nine years that I have had 2 weeks off. Well, sorta two weeks considering I went in on Monday and will probably do so again tomorrow. But, hey, going to work with the dogs while wearing shorts and flip flops doesn't really count as work, right? I am more of a long weekend person. I kind of get bored easily. I like my relaxation condensed, but more frequent. And, historically, filled with agility trials. The girls get a little bit of the short end of the stick thing going on, too. I have been feeling no need to get up early to get them to park before everyone else gets up. So, they get back yard time instead of park time, But, they are graced with my presence all day, so that should make up for it. 

Oddly casual 


One thing that I have been noticing a lot being home is the amount of people that let their dogs potty on other peoples’ lawns. Do you do this? I am thinking maybe my opinion on the matter is….overly sensitive? Must be if so many other people do it. I never do this. I think it’s weird. Just because someone doesn't have a fence doesn't mean it’s OK to be on their property? Yes? 

 We don’t do a lot of neighborhood leash walks as I prefer to go elsewhere, but we have our Thursday morning walk loop. I always potty my dogs before we leave. I give them opportunities to go in more public spots like a park or green space around the grocery store parking lot. If they do have a need I try to at least direct them to the area between the sidewalk and the street. 

I have watched so many people just stop in front of our neighbors’ lawn, extend the stupid flexi leash and let their dogs wander up on their lawn to potty. They are picking up after their dogs, but still, so weird. Seems like a very rude thing to me. 

Kangaroo tail! 


Kate is so funny. She is a master at waiting… 

Sidebar – She know the difference between “Kate” and “wait” but not “Kate” and “cake.” So, all you long-named-dogs people are wasting your breath, they stop listening after the first letter. :) 

…Physically she is a great wait-er. She will stay right where she stopped. Mentally, though, not the best wait-er. I have them take turns in the back yard because it’s not that big. Making her wait brings out The Wrist of Angst. Any built-up anxiousness lives in her right front leg. :)


Get in my belly! 


No idea how these things happen 


The other good thing about time off….washed all the dogs beds. They now all smell like Bounce and are static-free. 


We will go down to Carmel for the Fourth. Well, actually the fifth. The fourth we will be holed up in a hotel avoid drunks with explosives. Hoping to enjoy early morning beach time and PCH while folks are sleeping it off.

So, American folk, have a safe and happy Fourth. Don't blow any appendages off or set your neighbors house on fire. Keep those dogs inside. And, remember designated drivers!

Everyone else, proceed with a normal weekend. :)