Monday, June 22, 2009

Mr. Perfect

Yes, I said “Mr.”

‘Cause the Miss was not perfect this weekend. No special ribbon for her. Only 7 out of 8 Q’s. My 88th percentile dog. Thinking perhaps time to rehome.

I kid, of course. Kinda. Little bit.

Mr. Rumili had an A+ weekend. All Q’s. A smattering of good placements, too, if I recall correctly.

Oh sure, he’s an Aussie, but he’s A Good Boy Aussie. Not Crazy Barking Aussie. Not Scruff Grabbing Aussie that pisses off Belly. Really great weaves, too. Better than Belly. Thinking Rumili may be BC with unfortunate tail accident.

Such Mad Skillz that he uses judge as obstacle

No girl pictures this weeknd. I think there are some to buy, so maybe Belly In Action in a few days.

Kate is really super tired of agility talk.

Really over it

I had a talk with Bellicious about her sucky weaves and A-frame rest stop. She very intently watched the fan behind me. Don’t think she was listening.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bella v. Squirrel

Rainy day at ghetto DP means no running, no ball throwing. No running, no ball leaves ample time to, you know, act like a dog. The squirrels at said DP, however, do not act like squirrels. They have grown up surrounded by dogs that are surrounded by fences. They don’t run. They spectate.

Bella tries to spectate, too. Beat them at their own game.

See the lump on the rock – upper left-hand corner? Yeah? Bella sees too.

She really tries to keep it together. Show him he’s not the boss of her…

Doesn’t last, though

Hard to keep your cool while being taunted by food stuffs

Why isn’t this working? You think you could you put down the camera and come throw me over the fence?

Kate, in perfect Kate fashion, noticed a dead squirrel on the other side of the fence

I didn’t have the heart to tell her

Not one of the four times she noticed it, stalked it, got bored, walked away, noticed it again…

What she lacks in brainpower, she makes up with cute

There was a guy running with a bird dog of some type. His dog snagged the deal squirrel on the trail that Kate had been stalking. He stopped in a panic when he realized what was in his dogs mouth. Although, you could hear the pride in his voice when put it together. “You got him, boy, didn’t you?” HAHA. Yeah, headline, GREAT HUNTER CATCHES DEAD RODENT. You totally know he told all his friends about it, too.

Hey, at least I don’t do dumb.

Friday, June 5, 2009

No Interwebs Sucks!

Sorry, folks. We have been out and about, but I have been lazy about pic taking. Not lazy so much, but not feeling the worth considering I have no internet at home yet. No webs, no posties. But today, I am at former house baby sitting repair guy here to fix the dry wall the movers jacked up. So, Yay! For webs and cable TV!

We have a new-new DP now as the old new one is being worked on. (Of course, 4 days after we move, they split it in half…*sigh*)


Bella is obviously out of practice with the posing

Not helping at all

And when I get a cute shot, we have random eye boogers…!

Kate is enjoying the footing. Although, still healing after an old DP trip

She is also not quite used to polite dogs. Not trusting that the Lab chasing her own ball is not out to get her. Haha

Funny how when you want to be ignored and you are it is just as uncomfortable as not being ignored.

Kate logic.