Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Packing Break

It is really nice to have time to move. To not have to pick up everything you own in one day. However, it also feels like I have been carrying stuff for a month. I am ready for it to be done. I’m sure they are too.

So, yesterday I took a break from all the packing, lifting, shuffling of goods to actually run the girls. I think they have been wondering what the hell they did to deserve the copious amounts of neighborhood walks and severe lack of ball throwing of late.

Kate was on a roll. Lots of actual ball getting yesterday.

Not bad for the girl who is referred to by other park goers as The One Who Never Gets The Ball

Some People just shorten it to The One Who Misses

I suppose, if I’m being honest, they do have a point

Then I yelled at Bella for something. Remember Bella?

And Kate thought she was in trouble. If you ever want to learn about dog body language and calming signals you only need spend and hour or so with Miss Kate.

She put herself in a time out. Which is weird because I am so not a time out person.

Then she sits there looking at me waiting for me to undo what I never did in the first place

Can I go now?

Yes, off with yourself. Go stalk squirrels.

It’s a shame that the only time she looks remotely Border Collie-ish is when she hunting. Boo for sheep-loser dogs!

She is a pretty little thing, though, right?

And totally unrelated to Kate punishing herself…

This pic sums them up so well. Bella is firmly planted and still. Kate is on her tippy-toes ever so slightly leaning, leaning, leaning. I bet if I waited long enough she would just fall over.

The end!

Monday, May 18, 2009

New Running Digs

Took a drive over Sunday morning to check out what will be our new regular dog park in 2 weeks. I am thrilled to report that there will be no more iDirt! Woot! I’m sure Kate’s feeties are thrilled as well.

The new park is the faux grass, but not the longer kind that’s supposed to look like a lawn. It’s shorter, like, sports turf stuff. Not crazy slippery like the longer stuff. Looks like green carpet.

Kate was loving the cush

Good gripping

Squishy toes

Much softer landings

Bell was digging the feel so much she couldn’t keep her eyes open


All in all, a successful reconnaissance mission. Nice park. Good group of dogs. Bit of a relief, actually. Testing dog parks is like testing hairdressers. There never seems to be any in-between, right?

Although, I have to tell you, it will be tough to look at this surface everyday and resist the urge to bring a vacuum cleaner!

And, we will bid a fond farewell to Fashion Feets!


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bella's BFF

Bella generally doesn't care about other dogs. If she's not busy, she'll say Hi, do the obligatory butt sniffing, etc., but it usually ends there. If she is "on the clock" she will completely ignore other dogs. Unless that other dog is Max.
This is Max.
The girls have known him since he was a pup. Originally from a BYB, the first owners brought him to Now Owners DIL's work looking to find him another home. Now Owner was told there was a 10 month old collie looking for a place to hang his hat. Make that a 10 week old Border Collie and HolyCrapWhatHaveWeGottenInto! But, they do find a way to worm themselves into your heart. You can't help being impressed with these dogs. You thought you wanted a relaxed dog to stroll around the block with and now you find yourself standing out in the rain for 2 hours throwing a ball and discussing when would be a good time to add another Border Collie to your house. :-)

Poor Max has been struggling with some dermatological issues. About 6 months ago he was nearly all bald. Even though he is on the mend, he still looks pretty silly. The patch of hair making the quickest recovery is the it on his shoulders. He looks like someone taped a toupee on his back.

Border Collie stare not so effective when you look like a Muppet.

From a distance he can pull off the I'm Just A Smooth Coated Dog thing

But the tail and pathetic bum feathers give it away

Everyone that has met Bella and Kate in person after knowing them only online always comment that they thought they would be much bigger. I now have proof of their wee-ness.

Haha! I don't call him Ginormous for nothin'!