Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Actual Work Conversation

Me: I'm hungry
Kid: You should have said something. You could have had some of those Frito's I just finished.
Me: I don't eat things that smell like dog feet
Kid: What?
Me: Dog feet. Google it...."frito feet"
Kid: type...type...type, Oh wow, I had no idea
Me: Gross, right? I can bring a dog in tomorrow if you don't believe the internet.

Corn chippy goodness

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


So the trip down south was good. OC peeps are very friendly! Not just the agility folks, either. Starbucks, TJ’s, the gas stations, even rush hour traffic people. No one pulled a gun on me. For that I am grateful. A guy that used to work at my current job had someone wave a gun at him during L.A. rush hour traffic. He was from Vermont. I don’t think that happens a lot there.
And that L.A. traffic?! Woo doggy! All kinds of cray-cray. There may be a lot of fake stuff in L.A. but all the stories about the traffic are totally true. The first 300 miles of the trip from San Jose to Santa Barbara-ish took the same amount of time as the last 100 miles from there to Fountain Valley. I can’t believe people do that every day!
The trial was fun. Nice group of folks. Lots of fun, fast dogs. I didn’t see a single dog that I thought perhaps should have been retired 2 years ago or a lame one or any who just acted like they didn’t want to be there. No one being dragged through a course. Too much of that at home. It’s depressing really. None of that there, though. Really nice park, too! The agility portion had phenomenal shade and a great grass surface. Not all lumpy and business. The rest of the park was so cool. In northern California, our agility sites are usually lots of dirt and freight trains and cows. Not in The OC. Oh no, they have water features!
With ducks and fountains and shit!
Rocks for posing
(they are watching a professional photographer shoot people models. Bella is probably being judge-y)
Lovely place to take a break from the barking
Hunt some ducks
Duck hunting
Just act like the old fart she is turning into
Happy park dog
I am thinking that this may have been our last trial. She has slowed down but still seems to really enjoy running.
Non-traditional JP run on Saturday. She is having a good time. It was double points for anything taken after a tunnel. I know it makes no sense to watch.
Saturday night, though? Soooooo beat!
I am not sure if it was the travel and humidity (really sticky, got to me, too!). She seemed to enjoy her runs, but was really over being at the trial site. She is also much more cautious on the dog walk. Not that hers has ever been a warp speed one, but still, seems like she is thinking about it more. Age? Equipment she hasn’t been on before? I am just being paranoid? Dunno.
Maybe we’ll try one more local and see how she does? Maybe we’ll not and just get on with retirement?

Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday, September 9, 2013

That's What You Get Or Don't Get, I Guess

We have a bug going through the house. Bugs and four dog asses do not make for good times.
Even Bella, who has an ass of steel, had an accident in the house today. Ever thoughtful, she was kind enough to poop on hardwood instead of bed, carpet, rug, like some other dogs.
However, Bella is not feeling bad in general terms and would really like to have some dinner if that would be OK?
It would not.
Bella has a hungry sad. Grumblies in her tumblies!
She has been looking at me like this since I got home. She can't believe that I would have magically forgotten to feed her. She not going to like missing her bully stick tonight either.
Suck it up poopy pants!
We leave on Thursday to go down south for a trial. Have not been trialing much. We sort of decided to be fair weather agility people and going to the central valley heat in the summer is just not appealing anymore.
I am looking forward to different people and different dogs and coast weather. It is clear that these folks don't do a lot of CPE. AKC crowd, maybe? On Saturday, Bella is the only 20" level C dog! Sunday we have one other. I have never seen that before. Good thing I don't care about competing, I guess. Would be disappointed travelling all that way to run against myself! However, regardless of what happens, there will be 5 first places on Saturday.  HAHA!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Bella and Me

Bella and me :)
Living room art. :-)

Friday, September 6, 2013

In The Dark

Photographing dogs at 6AM is not cool. Not a high ISO fan here. They just end up looking creepy as hell. Pupils all hugenormous since it’s actually dark.
She looks like she should be on a Saw poster.
And do not put Kate under a lamp to see if that helps because it totally does not help.
Sees dead people.