Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Threading The Needle

One of my biggest concerns at the DP is the risk of collisions. I mostly worry about other dogs becoming speed bumps or moving brick walls because the girls don't really watch where they are going. I don't, however, spend a lot of time worrying about them running into each other. They sooo have that figured out.

Now, Kate always turn the same way. Bella flip flops depending on how close Kate is to her and at what precise angle I happen to throw at (this can very greatly depending on whether or not I have the camera and which lens is on it)

Ooohh, she picked the camera up. I think she might throw it.

There it goes!


And this is why I don't have collision issues. Kate is much faster. She also doesn't think. She just goes. Bella knows that 80% of the time Kate will over-run, under-run, run in the wrong direction and/or just plain miss the ball and she'll end up with it anyway. See Bella slowing down and watching the ball? She Kate still running full speed in the wrong direction with no idea where the ball is? Haha, poor Kate.

Avian Interlude

Spent some time on Sunday at Palo Alto Baylands

The American White Pelicans are just about done raising their babies. There was a lot of cleaning of newly acquired adult feathers.

Stretching of newly formed flying muscles

And testing of the works before they take off to points north. These are some BIG babies!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Temporary Kateness

Bella came down with a severe, but thankfully short-lived case of Kate on Sunday. I thought, perhaps, our Perfect Weekends were over.

She just couldn't get it together. I think I figured it out though. Kate spent a fair deal of time in a down stay behind me because, well, she was being a jerk. You don't listen, you don't play. I think that there must be some sort of magnetic field that keeps them in balance. You know, Bella on the ball and Kate on the short bus. Take one away and the other doesn't know what to do.

Enter Kate. The universe suddenly goes back to normal.

It's the power of the shiny heiny!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Told You She's Perfect

Now we have it in writing. See how thrilled she is about it?

Woot! 10 for 10 Q's this weekend. Placed in all but the last class (can you blame us?). This dog never ceases to amaze me. She is quite a bit slower at trials as opposed to class and park time, but I chalk that up to stress and inexperience on both our parts. What she is, is as consistent as hell. She never makes mistakes. It's a bit weird. I mean, I can certainly screw her up, but she doesn't do any of the normal "dog errors" - no missed contacts, not knocked bars, no making up her own course. She is, well, perfect! See!?

So, when she wasn't being a great dog, and Kate a great auxiliary dog, they spent the weekend doing this...

So much for high-energy, "drivey" agility dogs. Meh, whatta ya gunna do?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy Gotcha Day, Kate!!

Wow, has it been three years? Yup! Little Kater Tot sat stock still and confused as hell exactly 3 years ago today as we drove the 3.5 hour ride home. Bella completely ignored the fact that there was a strange dog in the car and things have remained largely the same ever since! :-)

One of the grandest things about having an Un Border Collie is that, unlike their close cousin, the Real Border Collie, UBC's are easily fooled. Kate is thrilled to get anything called a "present" even if said present is...
The same kibble you eat everyday
The same toy that's been lying around for months
And a "cake" is what ever is pointed in the direction of your mouth
(even if by "cake" I mean whatever dessert-y type thing is in the freezer that won't cause assplosions)

Now, Kate doesn't work stock or participate in agility or flyball, she's not great at tricks or a particularly fast learner, but she is one hell of a dog. A purer soul you have not met. She is the definitive "good dog." I am thrilled that Bella and I have had the opportunity to help her along with her confidence issues. She has come a long way in three years. The most important lesson she is has learned is that, now, someone always has her back.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Those Crazy Legs

One of the things that fascinates me about shooting dogs is what goes on with their legs. The positions they get in are quite amazing and it's remarkable the amount of stress those little sticks can take.

And, of course, since I do own the Un Border Collie, I get gems like this. Haha! People think I'm kidding when I say her legs are not connected to her brain. Clearly, I'm on point with that observation.

Although, when she does get it together...

She has to check in to make sure I got it. :-)

Bella's favorite thing about moving to California is the abundance of rodentia. The bestest part for her is that, unlike at Grandma's house, squirrels do not live in trees here. They conveniently dwell in little holes in the ground.

The view from inside the DP of this either painfully stupid or incredible brave squirrel family. So, of course we have to stare after a good run. If I could get a squirrel to dig a hole in my living room, I'd never have to leave the house.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Other People's Pups

We were at a trial this weekend. Not running. I went to shoot a bit on Saturday and worked all day Sunday. So, no pics of the girls. The pics would be just them hanging out in their ex-pen since they didn't do much more than that, so you're not missing anything.

And, bear with me while I learn where to be and when while shooting at a trial. Shadows, background, I know, I know.

This is Sparkle. Now, I don't know Sparkle's mom or Sparkle herself other than seeing her at trials, but I heart Sparkle!DSC_4330

I mean, how cute is this dog?DSC_4331

The little guys are my favorite to watch DSC_4326





Waiting ever so patiently
Being a good kid


Trying really hard to be a good kid, but considering options



Double Weeeeeeeeeeee