Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another Dump Walk

While I have given many props to the East Bay for allowing dogs off-leash in the majority of their parks, perhaps a little clean up is in order. That whole "Stay on the Path" thing is not really about nesting shorebirds. You have to stay on the path because to do otherwise is to put your little pads at risk. Shore covered with broken glass, old oil cans, and assorted historic fishing gear not so much fun to run in.

Kate would like to voice her displeasure in the No Water rule

Bella was a little irritated with the So Close Yet So Far thing

There was lots of longing

And a few attempted escapes

Was quite the beautiful day, though

At least somebody got to spend some time in the water

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How's The Pee At Your House?

Ours is being held in! Finally got the pee sample out of Kate on try #4. Her urine looks, and I quote, wonderful. Wonderful? Weird word to describe pee, no? Anywho, no infection, so we are chalking it up officially to spay incontinence.

They started her on PPA. I quickly stopped it. She was acting very weird on it. She had a lot of treats Sat night. Actually, using a grain-free kibble for treats. She hasn’t had a prob with these in the past. On Sunday morning she was acting very weird. Like a big step back for her. Wanting to hide. Laying in places she doesn’t normally lay. And, had the killer runs. I don’t know if she was acting weird because of the runs or the meds. She is not good at asking to go out, so if she’s feeling the pressure, as it were, she gets uncomfortable and a little scared. I don’t know if she had the runs from the meds or the treats. I pulled both.

Have a call into the vet. Don’t know what we are doing from here.

I am, however, thrilled to have found pee pads for people. Lucky for me Kate does not move at night. She really needs to know her boundaries and she sticks to them. This means that when she plops down on her spot on the bed (defined by her towel) she doesn’t leave that spot until we get up. I have been putting a pee pad under her towel. No more accidents yet, though.

She is a little embarrassed that I told the world she wets the bed.

A little not-so-sure she wants to be on camera anymore

A smidge of the Stink Eye

Belly is a little embarrassed for her, too.

Although, it may be a little more like trying to control a smirk

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Crappy Cell Phone Pics And A Story About Pee

See this happy face? Loves being at the vet. Loves lots of cookies.
Loves listening to the birds in the lobby.
Tail doesn't stop.

That is until she hears the vet coming. The dreaded Footsteps from the Bad Door.Then she all, "I'll be under the bench. Let me know when it's time to go."

So, my lovely little dog has a new hobby.

She pees in her sleep.

Yes, I just said that. Five year-old dog. Wetting the bed. Her bed is MY bed. Very uncool. And I'm not talking about actually getting up and peeing. I'm talking about literally peeing where she is laying. WTF? She has done it twice in the last 2 weeks. Vet suspects spay incontinence. Which, I hear, I pretty successfully treated with meds. But, before we start meds, we have to rule out infection. They couldn't get anything out of her yesterday "manually."

I'm not sure what that means, but I picture elbows being involved.

We were also unsuccessful with the capture method. Shouldn't vets have that fancy cup on a stick thing? Mine doesn't. Kate will not stay put when you come at her with a bowl. She started to squat like 500 times and just stands and moves away when you come at her. Looking very offended, I might add. Hovering human with water dish not a part of her Urination SOP.

So, today she is being tortured with No Potty, until I can run her over there again tonight for Try #3. Have I mentioned that I am on the west side of SJ and my vet is on the east? The pains of rush hour traffic? Rush hour traffic during worst storm in 47 years?

I do love my dogs, really.

And if any of you hard-core clicker trainers can figure out how to train a dog to do Kegal exercises I'll totally fax you twenty bucks.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Crazy Radiator

Normal dog. 65° tongue.

Not so normal dog. 65° tongue.

Trying to be normal

Not working, though. Perhaps a wee bit out of shape. All my fault.

Something always clinging.

Or trying to escape

Really, just trying to get away. Defying gravity in the process.

Monday, October 5, 2009

What I Said, What She Heard

So, you can send your dog out to things, right? Bella has 2 of these commands. Go Get Around It means, well, just what it says. Pretty self-explanatory even for a dog. Get around what I’m pointing at and keep moving. The other one is Go Hide. That is go stand behind what I’m pointing at. Or, if I’m not pointing, go pick your own thing to hide behind.

Now, I would like to tell you that she knows these things because I spent so much time and energy doing foundation training for agility. Sure, yes, we are *that* dedicated. But really, it’s just a good way to get your dog away from you so all your photographs are not of dog asses. A little distance allows one to capture their dog trying to scratch their heiny at 30 MPH.


It’s supposed to look like this…

However, in Bella’s little, always calculating brain, she figured this was close enough…

Hmm, hidey hole. I guess she gets points for thinking. I mean, she is hiding, right?

Always looking for a shortcut, that one.