Friday, February 18, 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Country Teefs, Now With More Country!

We have the same little routine when I get home from work. I go down to my office and sit in my chair. Bella gets in my lap and we have our how-do-you-do’s. Complete with lots of cooing and whining.

Only, on Monday, the conversation went like this…

How are you?

*whine whine whine*

How was your little doggy day?

*whine whine whine*



Where the hell is your tooth?!?!


Missing chicklet!

I couldn’t figure out what the hell she could have possibly done at home that would cause a tooth to make a run for it, then I remembered her PVC run-in on Sunday. We were lure coursing. They use 4-6” pipe cut in half to cover the lure at the start and end. On their first run, Bella tried to grab the bag as it snapped up going into the pipe. I was looking right at her and thought she hit her chin. I checked her chin out, no blood or anything. I guess that’s not what she hit.


Isn’t it amazing how these guys do things that would put a grown man on his knees and they don’t even blink? I cannot think of a single activity where I would not be stopped dead in my tracks if I had a tooth knocked out of my head.

We did make a vet trip. All’s good in the hood. No surgery or anything.

I think she experienced more discomfort in the photographing of used-to-be tooth spot than she did when it got knocked out.

Let’s see ‘em, Bella

No, don’t just crinkle your nose. I want teeth!

No, dang, Bella, in focus teeth

Forchistsake! The bottom ones. Come here.

*deep sigh* Would you work with me, please?!


Much better !

Although, perhaps not as menacing?

Maybe we should quit agility and take up hockey?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Totally Know How They Felt

Was cleaning up my hard drive at work and came across this pic of the girls from 2007.

We were at a Christmas party. A Boston Terrier Christmas party.
Scrappy little dogs, those.

The terriers, they know how to party.

The collies? Not so much.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Trial Ramblings

We had an absolutely phenomenal weekend. The weather was unreal. Not unreal like the rest of the country. Quite the opposite. No snowpocalypse for us.


I’m not complaining.

I think it was 77° in San Jose on Sunday. Not quite as warm at our trial site, but pretty damn close. It was warm enough to warrant running the AC in the hotel room because I had panting dogs! Odd to be playing the agility in short sleeves the first weekend in Feb.

Bella had a great weekend. We are overcoming our weaves woes, which is to say I am trying very hard to keep my damn mouth shut and let her do her job. I don’t know why I yammer at her so much. I am, generally speaking, a fairly quiet and introverted person. On course at a trial, however, I can’t keep my pie hole shut. At our prior trial, we had a straight tunnel (a Bella fav) next to the A-frame. I called her once, she adjusted her line perfectly and was clearly committed to the A-frame.

What do I do?

Called her again.

She goes “boom-boom” as she hits the A-frame like a flyball box and comes right back to me. Why must she listen so well?! I need a little less obedience and little more mind reading.

Get to working on that, Bell.

Yeah, start holding your breath now.

Kate did well this weekend, too, although she was having some stressy moments. She seemed to be either really on or really over it. I didn’t realize what was going on until I was thinking about it on the way home.

When Kate is stressed she gets sort of disconnected. She’s not looking for the next obstacle, not looking for lines, she looking for the point at which This Will Be Over.

I don’t see no nothin’

She doesn’t shut down like she used to, which is great, but still, we should be enjoying ourselves, yes? This trial was a one-judge one. The lower levels are always small classes, but even smaller at the one-ring jobbies. Like one or two dogs small. The classes she was being weird in were the ones that I didn’t have time for our normal pre-run routine. It was walk the course and grab your dog ‘cause you’re on. Didn’t have time to prep her. No getting her in play mode. No tugging and tricking and practice jumping.

She really needs that time to loosen up mentally as well as physically.

Good news is that’s a super easy fix. When we run into this time issue again, which I have been lucky to avoid so far, I will just make Kate’s time my priority. If that means scratching runs for one of them, then so be it. No point in putting her that situation, right?

We don’t want to see Stressy Pants

We want Happy Pants

Monday, February 7, 2011

Atta Boy Luke!

Master Luke made the CPE Top Ten in Specialist for 2010!!

Not bad for a one-eyed dog, yeah?
Luke (9)

Good boy Lukie Duke!! Congrats to you and Mommy Marie!!!

Luke (1)

Maybe Bella will let you hump her now.