Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Do Dogs Seek Status?

I’m sure y’all occasionally get the pack structure question, yeah?

“Which one is the dominant one?”
“Which one is in charge?”
“Which one is the Top Dog?”

Normally, this question comes from non-dog people. Or, perhaps, regular ol’ pet owners who are not members of the Crazy Dog Person club.

Usually, my initial obnoxious answer is “me.” Sometimes followed by, “they may be bitches, but I’m THE bitch, if you get what I’m sayin’.” :-)

Recently, though, I have been asked this question by 3 or 4 actual CDP club members.

  I thought we didn’t think like this anymore, no?

I don’t see our little pack structure as this rigid linear thing. We do not have clearly defined ranks like the military. It’s not like..

General Pia
Sargent Bella
PFC Kate

I see it more like a family structure. The parent(s) are in in charge and the kids are just the kids.

Bella – Kate

And before you start frowning, I am not comparing raising kids to raising dogs, nor do I think of my dogs as replacement kids. Just talking family layout here.

I usually explain that neither of the dogs have any interest in being in charge of anything as they are both chicken-shits by nature and I also tend to think of their relationship more in terms of levels of confidence, than dominance. Bella is, overall, the more confident of the two. There are, however, certain situations where Kate takes that roll.

I also think that most behavior that people refer to as dominant behavior is really just a dog being a pain in the ass. It is more likely due to any number of the following:
being young
not trained
lacking confidence
being fearful
being encouraged to behave that way
having a generally obnoxious personality, perhaps a bully (or an Aussie…haha)
trying to initiate play
trying to gain a resource
experiencing some pain

So, all that got me thinking about status-seeking behavior. I am not someone who believes that a rigid pack structure exists. I have, however, referred to things as status-seeking behavior. If dogs don’t live in a rigid structure why are they doing things to gain “status?” What do they think they are gaining?

I’m not even sure that dogs are capable of thinking about status in the same way we do. I don’t think that they think long term like that. I don’t think that a dog will sit around his house thinking…”well, I stole Fluffy’s bone today, that knocked her down a peg or two. I’ll do it again tomorrow and she’ll be on the bottom. Next week, I’ll start on Rex. In a few months, it’ll all be mine!!!”
I think they are more in the moment. Like…

I want that bed NOW.
I want that bone NOW.
I want to pester you so you play with me NOW.

I don’t know that a dog that steals a bone from another dog is thinking about status or dominance. I think they just want the damn bone! I could be totally off here. Maybe it’s just my dogs. The perpetual 2 year olds who just want their wants taken care of right now, thankyouverymuch.

Kate and Myka have this thing where they switch bones. They will both be chewing and one will get up. The other will take that ones’ bone and the one that got up will take the other one. They do this frequently. It’s like they are on a schedule. Fifteen minute chewing rotations. Shift work. When there is this voluntary swapping, we let it happen. We do not, however, allow one dog to take something from another dog just because they feel like it. It’s fine in play, but if they are not playing it is not allowed. Are we interfering with “structure?” I don’t think so. I think we are managing a four-bitch household to do everything we can to avoid any possibility of a fight now or in the future. Sure, Bella may let Kate take that bone from her right now, but what about tomorrow? It’s not good for house harmony to allow behavior that could potentially escalate. Yes?

Maybe it’s the language that I have a hard time wrapping my head around? “Status seeking” and “dominant” when used in relation to people usually means….”jerk.”

  I don’t like thinking of my dogs as jerks.

Other people's, sure.  Just not mine.

So, what are your thoughts on the whole “status seeking” thing? What are the relationships like at your house for you multi-dog folks?

And, the funniest thing about these recent conversations is that ALL of the people thought Kate was the dominant of the two! That makes me wonder if people, even CDP members, are just really shitty at reading dogs or I have absolutely no clue who’s living in my house!

This is running the show?!
I think not!

Friday, September 16, 2011

National Sheepdog Finals: Live On The Interwebs!

Those Border Collies are at it again.

Semi-finals and Double-lift finals this weekend.

First hour of viewing is free.  Catch it --> here <--


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Change Of Plans

I have often joked that if Bella goes before I do I am going to have her stuffed.

And not just the standard (!?) dog curled up on the floor pose. No, no.

Mounted like a bear.

A pissed off bear.

All a la…

But now? I’m thinking maybe a stole. She has the coat for it now.

Her old lady coat.

She used to look like this at almost 3 years…in her yoot

Now? Geez. She looks like an old mink. One that was stuffed into a Hefty bag with some moth balls like 30 years ago and lovingly placed in grandma’s attic.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to furminate her because so few hairs grown in the same direction.

And so THICK!

  Should they ever visit an actual groomer again, I have created a brushing guide.

I think it will come in handy.

And don’t you love the look on her face? Stacking not exactly a part of their repertoire.

Show dogs, they are not.

The only way I could get her to sort of stand there like that was to put a big old hunk of chicken on the ground.
  It was payment enough.

And, while digging for a lesser-coated Bella pic I found....


Seriously, how damn cute was she?!

Could you not just bite her little face off?

Monday, September 12, 2011

They Could Get A Ticket In A School Zone

They had a cool little hand-held speed checky thingy mabob at lure coursing yesterday.

The old hags topped out at 27 MPH!
Kate and Bella (Bella and Kate?)

The 26, then 25... No doubt slowed by Kate's ridiculous barking
Kate and Bella (Bella and Kate?)

She really just loves running with Bella

She is much faster than Bella and becomes torn between chasing the lure and staying with her sis. This results in lots of looking back to see where slow-poke is and giving her what-for for being behind
Kate and Bella (Bella and Kate?)

Next to Bella...quiet and happy
Kate and Bella (Bella and Kate?)

Ahead? Frustrated and screamy
Bella or Kate?

Dueling floaties!
Kate and Bella (Bella and Kate?)

We also had a couple of professionals there. You know, dogs of the sight hound variety. Lurve to watch the greyhounds run. I think their top speed was 42 MPH. Just amazing, particularly on such a short course for a dog of that size.

Don't you love sight hounds? They have the best faces. I totally want one.

Or three.

All photos by Pierre Tardif