Tuesday, April 29, 2014

So not a puppy

Everyone else is talking puppies. They're getting them, having them, hoping for one. That time of year, I suppose.


Heck no!

 I'm getting a ladybug!

She just up and walked right out of her larva suit. Left it on the floor and everything!


  I hope the dogs don't knock her off 


 I also wish this didn't coincide with the 3 hot days this week!

 Name suggestions?

It can't sound like Kate or Bella or any commands or words my current dogs know or may possibly know in the future. I am not a fan of "sport" names like Rage or Chaos. I am also not a fan of names wherein the pronunciation is absolutely nothing like the spelling. You know who you are people with with dog names written like "Xhaife" and pronounced "Dave" - I don't care if it's Gaelic, your dog came from Modesto, not Ireland.

You know, I'll probably just go with "Fly."

Monday, April 28, 2014


Sorry, you're going to have to bear with me until I get bored with the extension tubes.

Kate toesies. Very reptilian, yes? Looks like she needs lotion.


Kates cheek. Dogs are amazingly dusty.


Eyeball selfie. Speed light visible, anyway.


Sunday, April 27, 2014

My birder

Bella has loved birds since she was a puppy. She could spend a great deal of time watching the hummingbird feeders on the balcony. Inches from them. Just wants to watch. She gets very...happy. Not in a prey drive kinda way. More like how people act on a whale watch when they actually see a whale? Like that.

One of the places we go occasionally has a duck pond. I don't normally go over there because, A) dogs are not allowed on the trail over there and B) ducks. Mallards not exactly a draw.

I decided to pull in on our way out since I hadn't been in a while. Have a look-see. Let Bella have a look-see. 

It was initially as I suspected. 


Just pidgies

And pidgies photo bombing mallards

Bella still happy to have a bunch of birds so close to the car.

Then a family with small children showed up. Small children with a loaf of bread.

It got all Alfred Hitchcock real quick. 

I would never post a photo of a random child 'cause that's just weird, but I did get a picture of a 6-ish little girl who was just in a complete panic. Not expecting the amount of company one loaf of bread would invite. She was standing there with her little arm stretched out holding the limp slice of bread. Total mouth open cry. This is why I don't have kids. I would do shit like that on purpose.

"Here, take this and get out of the car"

So funny. Right up there with feeding infants sour stuff. Ha!

I ended up having a little panic of my own. Totally thought this guy was going to end up in the car.

Hey dude, turn.


Bella thought this was the best thing ever. We may have to add pond watching to the weekend routine.

I didn't even get any shit on my car!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Extension tubes

So fun!

For me!

Totally irritating for sleeping dogs!

Sun damage


Grass stains and split ends


Sleepy tongues



And, a non-DR PSA:

Putting your turn signal on does not automatically give you the right of way. The little flashing light does not just magically part traffic for you. Moving the stick on your steering column does not alter the rules of the road in your favor. You actually have to yield...give way...figure out how you fit. And you should probably get up a little earlier. No one needs to be in that much of an agro rush at 630 in morning.

Can you imagine how unbelievably wonderful this world would be if people just learned how to merge?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Old Dog License

How do they decide it’s time for this? Puppy license is easy. That is granted by the older dogs who decide to give a little shit a break ‘cause they don’t know any better yet, right? I don’t recall granting anyone anything. I would love to know the thought process involved with the oldies. It’s really funny to watch my Best Good Dog decide that there is no way I could possibly be talking to her.

 “Come?” “Sit?” “Wait?” 

Must be talking to Kate.


She has also become incredibly fickle. One toy does not do anymore. She decided a few months ago that she doesn't want to chase the same ball as Kate anymore. OK, you don’t feel like keeping your eye on Kate and the ball. Fair enough. Now, she prefers a rotation of toys. 

Friz works for a while


Then kicking ball


Then chuck-it ball


Then a roll and done


Kate will still make this face for anything airborne 


She’s good like that


Sunday, April 6, 2014


Funny how things work. I have no issues with spiders at all ... provided there is a camera between my face 
and theirs. 



Sans camera, though? The only time you will see me truly act like a girl. Someone has to die. Or someone has to run flailing from the room. 

Either or.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Ant farming

Dogs have sheep to tend to, ants have aphids. 

Ants and aphids 

They hug them and love them and squeeze them and call them George and get nectar droplets for their trouble. 

Aphid milking

All this going on in the backyard on one little plant! 

Hoverfly with aphids 

Hoverfly w/aphids 

Whatever the hell this thing is 

No clue what this is or what it will be eventually...

And everybody’s favorite beetle…


And, yes, everything has dog hair on it at my house. No one gets a pass!