Friday, December 12, 2008

What Happens When You're Lazy

I just had to pick today to not feel like lugging camera equipment. I'll just use ye ol point and shoot. Fits great in the pocket! No muss, no fuss! So, of course, I was treated to a day of spactacular Kateness. I think she was in the air more than she was on the ground. And, I think she did it on purpose. You know how those quiet-types are, with the underlying biterness and all. Well, not only and I out of practice dealing with the damned delay, but I'm also not so thrilled anymore with the grainy, flat weirdness that is auto cam.

I have a lot of these...
I did manage to get a few in frame

She was on a roll today!

Bella's version of On A Roll

Oh, and, little photo tip...Don't try to do cute fall portraits at the end of a run session. They end up looking more like hostage photos. :-)


  1. Too cute :-)

    I swear they DO that on purpose ... if they know there is no camera in sight, then they do the cutest things. Bring out the camera and they stand there like stuffed animals.

    I've done those hostage pics too. For my dogs there is a fine line. Need to get some of the crazies out so that they will actually pose, but not too much so that they look like you are killing them.

    Although, for my girl dog, Luce, taking a picture is killing her. She is convinced it is stealing her soul or something.

    Border collies.

  2. I soooo love it when you post air shots! Yes, I think they do it on purpose; no camrea = best leaps!

  3. My dogs are the same way. We'll be playing and they'll do something more camera-worthy than usual. And when I get out the camera hoping that they do it again, they suddenly get tired.