Monday, December 8, 2008

Spoke Too Soon, Maybe?

So, we have been continuing with our herding lessons despite the general lack of talent in the household. Kate is pretty much a sheepdog dropout at this point, but Bella has been slowly making progress. Slowing down, no barking, actually paying attention and trying to read the sheep. So, it was decided to try her in the big field.

"We'll use the dog broke sheep. They won't want to run off."
(famous last words)

She actually did pretty good. Was a little excited, but not to the point of retardation. We did have a few close calls...
Photos by Big Hat Sheepdog Guy


Oh, please turn, please turn

Whew!Then we gave her a break.
Which actually means we gave her time to turn herself into a shaking, excited mess watching the Real Sheepdogs have their turn.

Second outing = not so good
Dog broke sheep, he saysWon't run away, he saysShe did come back. Was sans sheep, but whatever, I was just happy we didn't have to get in the car and drive to Santa Cruz to get her!

Her adventure was apparently pretty satisfying. And, just 'cause they're there...peacock!


  1. You always make me laugh! LOL - she looks great! Keep trying! One day you will be out there and the planets will align - then will be awesome!

  2. "You always make me laugh!"

    Our instructor says the same thing! Every week! I think he should be paying us for the entertainment. HAHA

  3. I'm amazed the sheep could outrun those long legs!

    Bella looks like a kangaroo in the first picture. That is one EAGER border collie!

  4. Just found your blog and wanted to say that you take excellent photos of some great dogs. :c)