Sunday, December 7, 2008


A few weeks ago (yes, I'm a bit behind on pic processing!) I took the girls to Pulgas Ridge Open Space Preserve in, um, where is that...Redwood City...San Carlos? Does it matter? Guess not, just a bis ass park with a big ass off-leash area somewhere on the way to SF. Anytime we do things like this the first fifteen minutes or so consists of them looking at me while walking backwards. They walk backwards, not me. The girls like to DO.

"What are we doing and when is it going to start?"

They don't really get the whole Just Enjoy The Great Outdoors While Walking Around thing.

Kate, who has 2 speeds - running and standing - does just that. Runs until she realizes we are not there and then stands and waits for us to catch up.

Bella doesn't so much run to get ahead. She just moves from one shade spot to another. A trick that was necessity in AZ (hot pavement and all), not so much in CA, but old habits die hard.

As are most places in Nor Cal, the park and surroundings are beautiful.

Am I the only one that looks at this and thinks earthquake and mudslide? Like, maybe they should build the houses at the bottom since that is where they will most likely end up anyway?


Well, it does make a pretty backdrop for portrait attempts.

Yes, "attempts."

Kate, must you look so miserable?Kate! Over here!
Oh, forchristsake!Really, Bella?You know what? Screw you guys!


  1. I think they were just making sure you got their best sides! :o)

  2. just made me miss home with your pictures!! We have nothing but flat-scapes here in the valley and I really miss views like that. I know what you mean about portrait attempts! Lindsay almost never looks at the camera when I'm trying to get a picture of them together. Although, I think you got some nice portrait shots. For a Christmas card? Nice backdrop!