Sunday, December 14, 2008

I Didn't Know She'd Hold A Grudge

The Saturday Players

"Umm, good morning. Bella here. Not sure if we've met."

"You do look a tad familar"

"Oh yeah. I know you. I never forget a face. Haha"

Apparently Mr. Sheep was not in the mood for small talk. He put Bella into the fence! I know, right? What an asshole! I had no idea sheep had anger issues. I also had no idea I would ever think of a sheep as an "asshole."

Bella appernelty does now, too, because after there little break, she went straight for the smack talking.

"What you going to do without your fence, Tough Guy?"

"You're ugly and you smell funny!"

"And...and...your Mama was a goat!"

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