Monday, December 22, 2008

An Old Friend

Friend, playmate, confidant, teacher of fetch.

Some may just call it a cat toy.

We call it the longest living stuffie ever!

Just under a year old in 2004. Napping with Piggy.2005 with Piggy on a trip to Grandmas house in Illinois.
(She actually had a Froggie, too, but I forgot him at a hotel in NM on this very bad!)
Always the staple, getting used to the new California digs.And even as an old lady of almost 6, sometimes you just need to nap with a, right now.


  1. OOPS! I commented on the wrong post LOL...

    That is the cutest thing ever. Ella has a "little pink pig"herself and it is the one toy that survives all :)

  2. Now that is just cute! Kipp has his favorite elephant now that has lasted a while, before it was a duck. Brought it to my dad's while he was doggy-sitting, told him, DO NOT lose the duck, and what happens? Ducky is no where to be found. Thankfully, Kipp found something else to love. Lol.