Saturday, November 1, 2008

Doing Their Part

In these trying economic times, we all need to make some sacrifices. Do our part for the financial health of the household.

Like, you know, eating Ramen.

"You want me to help you?"

"OK, then, little to the right""Hell yeah! Gimme! I'm helping!""God, I'm such a good dog!" "Economics is soooo satisfying!" "I'm not so sure this is going to help""I mean, I guess if you're giving it away the least I can do is take a closer look""I'll just open up, then, if you feel like it you can just put it my mouth, if not, that's OK too. I'll just wait...""Hold the phone! That's some good noms!""2 + 2 does = Ramen!"


  1. Haha! Mine like to get in the way when I'm cooking ramen, because they know I'll trip and spill it all over the floor.

    The true ramen obsessives though? The ducks! They would come at a dead run across the whole house if they smelled ramen, and then would try to jump into the bowl (while I'm still cooking, no less!). Hilarious.

  2. It's so nice that the dogs are willing to pitch in during the tough times.

    Mine are even willing to let me sleep in my bed with them to conserve heat during the cold night.