Saturday, November 29, 2008

Live and (sort of) In Person

I decided to video some of Bella's weaves at the park today. Been a while since I have nit picked her footwork. Not much to nit pick, really. I wish she was like this at trials, the little turd! :-)

I totally forgot how fun my little point and shoot was. Not to mention, it's more like carrying a pea shooter instead of a bazooka. So, since you normally see Kate's weirdness in still form, I give you....

Bella's Magnetic Ass...You Couldn't Leave It If You Tried

Eye On The Ball, Short Bus!


  1. Hahaha Kate moves just how I pictured her to move. Your stills really do capture her spasticity!

    That first video Belle was just still... "you can't fool me!"

  2. Beautiful dogs...

  3. I love the magnetic ass! Love the videos!

  4. OMG - hilarious! What a great way to start my Monday. I'm going to have to watch Kate miss that ball a couple more times now.