Thursday, November 13, 2008

She's Becoming Her Own Dog

The normal lineup has always been this...

Kate is always behind and to Bella's left. Why? Well, it's because Kate takes most of her life cues from Bella's heiny. Everything she needs to know can be gleamed off of Bella's butt.

She has, however, started to take baby steps out of her comfort zone.

She is finally figuring out that it's not only OK, but preferable to stare at things other than a brown bum.

Bella's heiny is taking full advantage of its new found freedom.

Now don't get me wrong. Kate is still Kate.

Just a more independent version of her cute self

And, we are all hating this dark before dinner time of year.

"Just keep staring at the ball. Pretend you didn't hear that lets go home business."

"I didn't hear a thing"

"What do you mean bad lighting"


  1. Hi Kate and Bella,
    Three words here: YOU GO KATE!! And Bella too! hee,hee.

    Erin, Midnight, and Bubbles

  2. Hello Fan,

    It is nice I can follow your family goings on on the blog. Send me a mail I can respond to to give you some news - nothing bad, so don't worry