Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Is It Really November?

We are still swimming! You know, as much as I complain about California, you can't really beat 80° at this time of year. Well, I suppose I could if I were still in AZ, but still. Most people are starting to post their "first snow" pics and here we are still hanging at the swimming hole.

There seems to be a little more competition in the water. I suppose it's because you either get there first or you don't. There really isn't any missing or over-running of the ball in the water. Very important that you just get there first. And if you don't, then pout.

Kate will actually just sit and look pathetic if Bella gets a better lead out. There is also a lot more 'remember I'm here' nudging. Man, bitches can be bossy, yeah? They are soooo passive aggressive. :-)But you can't beat Kate for cute, right? This is my new fav pic of her. If you don't look at this pic and go, "Haha, Awww" there is something seriously wrong with you.
After the swimming trip we stopped at the DP to do some drying off. Bella starts to look like a woolly mammoth.
Look at that fuzz butt!She also gets the exact same look on her face that I get when I hear the gate at the park open. Haha!She a harder time when it's not floating.
Don't move!


  1. Oh, how my Devon misses the hose and a swim. They are predicting snow in NY :( so it's a bit too cold for a swim... but she would love a romp in a drift :)

  2. What, you mean you're not supposed to swim when it's cold enough to snow? I took Colyn hiking last week and he was happily splashing in the little stream even though it was only 45*.

  3. great photos. Love that new one of Kate.

  4. what beautiful dogs you have! The water shots seems so refreshing. I know what you mean about this never-ending heat, My Norman and I are enjoying time outside, it still seems like summer.

  5. Awww, I love that picture of Kate. It's hilarious! She has always been one of my fave dogs because I think she is so pretty, but a little quirky too. Which usually always makes for great photos! :)

  6. Great pictures! I'm jealous since it's all snowy and freezing cold here!

  7. OMG! I love this blog, it's awesome. You photography is so amazing and your dogs are gorgeous, love the faces they pull.. all too familiar :) my dogs pull crazy faces too hehe..
    I really enjoy reading about your adventures..
    Keep up the good work :D :D