Friday, November 7, 2008

An Actually Nice DP Trip

I hate the dog park. To me, the DP is the canine version of the DMV. No one wants to be there, but you have no choice. The people (or dogs) are poorly organized and rude and not exactly a group who you'd pick to spend an afternoon with.

Last night, however, was an exception. Great little crowd. We usually hang out on the small dog side since it's usually empty and Kate is less likely to be maimed over there. The group that showed up was so polite and with well matched play styles, a treat to watch.

Kate, you got a little lint or something on your....Oh, my bad. Hi Shadow! This little Cav showed up. She was a pip! So fun!She even convinced the wall flower Shadow to go for a spinThe she moved on to bigger things. Look at her back legs. HAHA.We had to wait for the crowd to clear before we could get some real running in. Of course, I was losing my light by then. I only had little slivers of sun still coming through.

This is the How To Be Rude Because You Didn't Get The Ball sequence
by Bella
You didn't see that, did you?


  1. Nice photos, and it looks like a good balanced group.

    I went to a park this am. My alpha dreads the aftermath after a rainy night. Check out my blog to see how filthy I got!

  2. That little Cav makes the most awesome faces!

  3. Awesome shots! Your dogs are nice too! I am a GSD lover and runs a couple of dog blogs.

    you can check out out my blogs when you are free... I am sure you will find them interesting!