Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Keep Your Sidekick Happy

I think we are starting to get the Successful Trial Weekend Scheme down.

The key is Kate.
The star of the show must never forget or ignore their trusty Number 2. I mean, what's Batman without a content Robin? Lucy with no Ethel? Shrek sans Donkey? Nothing, I tell you, nothing.

Kate's first bonus? Flys in the hotel room. She thought she died and went to neurotic dog heaven.

Non-stop with the darting and staring. I was a bit slow with the shutter, but this one is Kate nanoseconds after slamming her muzzle into the headboard. See the speck? The speck that is just natural coloring on the wood? Yeah? Not a fly, Kate. And, stop trying to act like you were just all sniffing the pillow. We all saw you.

She also had to keep checking Bella. I mean, that is a sidekicks job, yeah?Bella likes to fly hunt as much as the next dog, but after about a dozen of my OMGwillyoujustlaydownalready's to Kate, she tried to pretend she was deep in thought.


Bonus two...actually get encouraged to pester your sister.

"You gunna throw a ball?"

"No, Kate, go get Bella"

"Srsly?""K, weeee"Incoming!Swing and a miss!It's so rare for Bella to get the full-on zoomies...I love this face! And my handsome girl had a great weekend. 9 out of 10 Q's! I am not real fond of her new stopping-on-the-top-of-the-A-frame trick, but I'll take what I can get! Good girl, Belly!


  1. heh, Kate reminds me of my dog, Celeste...gorgeous, athletic, and air-headed. Flies. She loves flies, too and can spend hours tracking, stalking, and grabbing at them. Not many kills, but hours of fun!

  2. 9 out of 10 Q's???? DANG! That's awesome!! Seriously awesome! Go Bella!

  3. Congrats on those amassed Q's!!!

    We think Kate just wanted to herd the flies. And dontcha love that Air Snap sound when the hunt is on?

  4. Hi...I hope you do not mind my intrusion. I found your blog via my DIL, Lili's blog(Maybe Baby). Just wanted to tell you how much I love the pictures of your girl. She is pretty awesome...and easy to look at too! LOL..
    I just started my own blog, not sure if you're interested, but it is www.asweage-2008.blogspot.com. Drop in sometime. I just started it, so there is lots of room to grow and LOTS of rough edges. I have a link to my wine guy, and will be putting up a link to my website soon...it is new too.