Tuesday, April 29, 2014

So not a puppy

Everyone else is talking puppies. They're getting them, having them, hoping for one. That time of year, I suppose.


Heck no!

 I'm getting a ladybug!

She just up and walked right out of her larva suit. Left it on the floor and everything!


  I hope the dogs don't knock her off 


 I also wish this didn't coincide with the 3 hot days this week!

 Name suggestions?

It can't sound like Kate or Bella or any commands or words my current dogs know or may possibly know in the future. I am not a fan of "sport" names like Rage or Chaos. I am also not a fan of names wherein the pronunciation is absolutely nothing like the spelling. You know who you are people with with dog names written like "Xhaife" and pronounced "Dave" - I don't care if it's Gaelic, your dog came from Modesto, not Ireland.

You know, I'll probably just go with "Fly."

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