Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Extension tubes

So fun!

For me!

Totally irritating for sleeping dogs!

Sun damage


Grass stains and split ends


Sleepy tongues



And, a non-DR PSA:

Putting your turn signal on does not automatically give you the right of way. The little flashing light does not just magically part traffic for you. Moving the stick on your steering column does not alter the rules of the road in your favor. You actually have to yield...give way...figure out how you fit. And you should probably get up a little earlier. No one needs to be in that much of an agro rush at 630 in morning.

Can you imagine how unbelievably wonderful this world would be if people just learned how to merge?


  1. So cool!!! The foot one is awesome!

  2. I love the nose, but I'm a bit obsessed with dog noses.

    As for the "unable to merge" least they know where the turn signal is and were capable of using it.