Sunday, May 18, 2014

A blog post?!


I know! 

Just haven’t been up to hauling camera crap around as of late. It just feels like just the act of being out and being with the girls is enough. Like I don’t need anything else filling that time. Every time we leave, though, I think I should bring it. Then I don’t. Meh. 

We have mostly been doing the usual stuff. Ball, parks, hikes. Everyone is knock-on-wood healthy and just trucking along.


We just recently wrapped up an online class. We did Silvia’s puppy tricks class. I had been missing doing ”dog stuff” since Bella’s agility retirement. There weren’t any local classes that I was interested in. Most of the trick classes are stuff that they know already. No agility, obviously. Bella thinks obedience is the most boring thing on the planet. Walking in circles looking at me not her cup of tea. Plus, I would rather my dogs just look where they are going anyway. They did both like nosework but that organization is just too weird for me. So, give the online thing a shot. 

The type of tricks that Silvia teaches are quite different than the ones my dogs already know. Since she is prepping agility dogs, much more movement rather than static behaviors. I was surprised by the fact that Kate took to this much more readily than Bell. After alllll the agility stuff, the 2o2o training, the wobble boards, the curbs, all that crap…at eleven years old Bella still has no idea where her back feet are. Or, she knows and doesn’t give a shit at this point. Kate is very into doing anything with her feet and loves the movement involved. 

Who knew I had a dog that would so easily get into a box? 


We did just audit. After going through this, I can’t imagine actually participating. The video editing time would be overwhelming for me. 

 Silvia is obviously a brilliant trainer. Also a great instructor. Fantastic eye. Really good at redirecting people. She must never sleep as she seems to reply to people almost immediately even though her students are in every time zone. If you are interesting in giving the online class thing a shot I would recommend you try her. 

For myself, though? I don’t know that I would do it again. Maybe if someone local was also taking a class. Practice partner? One of the things I love most about classes is the interaction with other students. You learn so much watching others. Online? Holy crap! Watching video after video after video of people’s dogs doing the same thing over and over was mind-numbingly boring! It got the point where I could only handle 10 seconds of video before I was just over it. I do not have the time or patience for that. So not the same as an in-person class setting. I did like what I learned. Maybe not the optimum venue for me, though. 

So, maybe no more training, but even into the senior years they need stimulation to stay sane and healthy. You must keep the collies active and engaged. It’s important for them to feel useful. 


She does have a little trouble moving the weave poles, but that's just the kind of challenge she needs.


  1. We've chatted about putting our dogs in agility many times but we have doubts that the humans can commit to the classes. So I think pulling stuff from online might be a great idea for us too.

  2. Bella looks so happy. Some pets need training and some are themselves trained.
    Pet Groomer