Sunday, April 27, 2014

My birder

Bella has loved birds since she was a puppy. She could spend a great deal of time watching the hummingbird feeders on the balcony. Inches from them. Just wants to watch. She gets very...happy. Not in a prey drive kinda way. More like how people act on a whale watch when they actually see a whale? Like that.

One of the places we go occasionally has a duck pond. I don't normally go over there because, A) dogs are not allowed on the trail over there and B) ducks. Mallards not exactly a draw.

I decided to pull in on our way out since I hadn't been in a while. Have a look-see. Let Bella have a look-see. 

It was initially as I suspected. 


Just pidgies

And pidgies photo bombing mallards

Bella still happy to have a bunch of birds so close to the car.

Then a family with small children showed up. Small children with a loaf of bread.

It got all Alfred Hitchcock real quick. 

I would never post a photo of a random child 'cause that's just weird, but I did get a picture of a 6-ish little girl who was just in a complete panic. Not expecting the amount of company one loaf of bread would invite. She was standing there with her little arm stretched out holding the limp slice of bread. Total mouth open cry. This is why I don't have kids. I would do shit like that on purpose.

"Here, take this and get out of the car"

So funny. Right up there with feeding infants sour stuff. Ha!

I ended up having a little panic of my own. Totally thought this guy was going to end up in the car.

Hey dude, turn.


Bella thought this was the best thing ever. We may have to add pond watching to the weekend routine.

I didn't even get any shit on my car!


  1. You and that mallard coming in for a landing made me laugh out loud!

  2. Wow!!! Awesome shots!!! Thanks for sharing!!!