Monday, April 21, 2014

Old Dog License

How do they decide it’s time for this? Puppy license is easy. That is granted by the older dogs who decide to give a little shit a break ‘cause they don’t know any better yet, right? I don’t recall granting anyone anything. I would love to know the thought process involved with the oldies. It’s really funny to watch my Best Good Dog decide that there is no way I could possibly be talking to her.

 “Come?” “Sit?” “Wait?” 

Must be talking to Kate.


She has also become incredibly fickle. One toy does not do anymore. She decided a few months ago that she doesn't want to chase the same ball as Kate anymore. OK, you don’t feel like keeping your eye on Kate and the ball. Fair enough. Now, she prefers a rotation of toys. 

Friz works for a while


Then kicking ball


Then chuck-it ball


Then a roll and done


Kate will still make this face for anything airborne 


She’s good like that



  1. Ha!. My 14 year old is engaging in some civil disobedience. Some of it's because it takes more effort to stand up and lie down and get out of my way in the hall than it used to, so I try to respect that. Still, it can be frustrating when I know she needs to go out before I leave the house or go to bed, and she just lies there and stares at me for the first 2-3 "requests." Her hearing is not what it once was either, though she can still hear the call to cookies.

    So I use cookies to "bribe" her a lot more than I would with a younger dog. She's earned the privilege at her age :)

    1. Yes, they have earned it. I'm still going to make fun of her, though. :) Bella has a new thing where she doesn't want to jump off the bed to get a drink so she stands at the edge and stares at her bowl on the floor waiting for me to pick it up for her. I suspect I may just be leaving it on the bed soon!

  2. Kate's "airborne face" -- OMG, I'm dying....