Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Day At The Dump

Took the girls to Oyster Bay in San Leandro on Sunday. "Oyster Bay" sounds like it would be nice, right? All vacation-y and shit. Nah. It's a dump. I don't mean that in a not-a-nice-place sort of way. I mean it literally. Easy Bay Parks website describes it thusly...

"Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline is a former landfill, closed in the early 1980s, that is undergoing conversion into a parkland. "

What that means is it is still a dump, they just don't allow any fresh dumping.

There was LOTS of sniffing. Apparently, dumps are fascinating.
There was also a great deal of confusion as to why we were there. See, Kate shredded her carpal pad 2 days prior and I didn't want them chasing a ball.

Did you say "ball?"

"Ooooh, you have a ball?!?"

No one has a damn ball. Stop staring at me.

Smack dab in the middle of the former dump is this weirdness...

Did someone think it would be less dump-like if it had a giant pile of Lincoln Logs in the middle of it? Who needs flair when you already have the fine ambiance provided by the Oakland Airport?



Dump-running does has some benefits, though...hardly anyone there, everyone came back with feeties intact, close to home, some good bird watching if you're into that. Fun day.

Just not pretty.


  1. Awwww, shredded carpal pad. I am sorry!

    I went through that with Beth, except she sliced 90% of the way off. Surgery, healing, reinjury, surgery again, ripped it open AGAIN then surgery for the third time, followed by complete crate rest for 4 weeks she finally healed. Gawd that is the worst injury! Beth rips her carpal pads up everytime I stupidly throw the ball on a bad surface - I have learned from my mistakes. Does Kate rip hers from skidding/stopping for the ball too?

    I hope she gets better soon, she might explode from ball anxiety.

  2. I cut my carpal pad chasing a ball on a rocky surface. I needed 4 stitches and a rest from the ball. It healed really well.

    That dump sounds like a heap of fun!

  3. Good luck with the healing! Doggie injuries suck.

    I'm glad they're repurposing that landfill...hopefully they'll get it fixed up (and maybe next time they could put money towards landscaping rather than "lincoln log" sculptures). That reminds me of a local college campus that built a statue commemorating all the construction. It was, like, six white blocks stacked on top of one another. So dumb.

  4. If you go near dusk, there are bunnies to chase. Zoom is good for the game, but clueless about what to do if they stop running. The mud is pretty icky though, given the site.