Thursday, April 23, 2009

Still Alive!

We're still here. Still alive. Last week was not our greatest. Bella split a nail, Kate shredded her feeties again, and I had a cold from hell. I was not really in the mood to tote camera around with head full of snot to photograph two gimpy dogs. And now that we are all on the mend, it's like 500° outside. Went to the DP on Tuesday. So hot we were the only fools there. I thought I would try just using the little bucket as the large bucket requires hosing off when we get home and I was trying to avoid having to lean over. It's not cool when it feels like your brain is trying to escape through your nasal passages. The girls weren't buying it


Not so refreshing


Calling me names, I think


So, like all good dog parents, I ignored them. Let them get their run on for a bit. Perhaps they'll forget that they're melting

And, BTW, I love Kate's face here. it kills me that she looks so relaxed and casual. Like she didn't just fling herself in the air at a totally inappropriate time. Haha

Oh, look at that, the ball is way over there. Huh


Close your mouth, Kate!


However, when they started looking all parched and disheveled...


…and I was getting weird looks from the passer-by normal people that just walk their dogs in the shade when it's 500° I decided to bust out the Big Tub

Wet dog = Happy dog

Really happy dog

Like best-day-of-my-life-I'm-never-leaving-this-tub happy

And, does anyone have any suggestions for Kate's feeties? I swear her pads are like toilet paper. We seem to go through this every year when it starts getting warm. Which means they are, more often than not, wet. Boots either don't stay on or end up rubbing the crap out of some other part of her foot. She is just such a hard runner. Sigh.


  1. I love the last photo of Bella in the tub! She looks so *aaaahhh*

  2. Try Udder Balm that you would use on cows. It works great

  3. "Try Udder Balm that you would use on cows. It works great"

    I think I have Bag Balm. Should I put it on everyday? Just when we're going to the park? Hmm. Maybe before bed? I am invisioning little waxy footprints all over the house...

  4. I love the last picture.
    Running on a hot day, nice.
    Running on a hot day catching your ball, nicer.
    Laying in a nice tub of water on a hot day, priceless.

  5. Those last two pictures are the best!

  6. Love that last picture!

    Have you tried musher's wax on the dog's feet?

  7. Just FYI -- Bag Balm is petroleum-based though it does have ingredients that give it antiseptic properties. But if you're just looking for moisturizer, pure shea butter is great -- no offensive odor and works fabulous. I buy the NOW brand at the local health food store, much less expensive than the shea/aloe combo sold specifically as a paw balm.

  8. Shaw's Paw Wax

    or Musher's Secret

    Works for all sorts of weather, but you may have to reapply more frequently for hot weather &/or hard running on rough surfaces.

    A thin coat works great for reducing skiddies on slick surfaces, too.

    Love your blog and pics.

  9. oh wow...those tub pictures are so great...she looks so content!

    Makes me wish my dog like tubs :)

  10. A lot of times when booties aren't really an option, we'll put a snug but not tight wrap or three of vet wrap on our hunting dogs feet. They rip it to shreds, but it usually saves their pads.

  11. these are too cute! i love dogs in tubs. i wish mine liked water...

  12. I loved all the pictures so much. The last one even made my eyes teary - with happiness! Thank you for sharing.

  13. Medical gauze and tape for feetsies? If it is taped securely perhaps it would stay on better than booties?

  14. Wow! I love your pictures, I love your layout (so crisp!), and I love your dogs! I wish I could afford a nice camera to take better pictures. It looks like you are a pretty good photographer! I am pretty happy I stumbled upon this blog! Thanks for the great new blog to follow! I am adding your blog to mine so I can follow. Feel free to stop by mine and meet my Africa.

  15. That second to last picture of Bella is how I look after a long week's work and three Magaritas. ;-)

    I swear by Musher's. I use it for the snow and hot weather. Bruno tears his pads a lot also and when I apply Musher religiously, it helps build calluses on his pads.

    p.s. This week, look for the "5 Things I Shouldn't Laugh At" post. :-D

  16. hi! Those are some awesome photos. Just wanted to let you know that I've added your blog to my blogroll.


  17. love the photos

  18. A little late to this thread, but echo the vote for Musher's Secret. It absorbs quickly and doesn't leave marks. Bag Balm is okay, too, more readily available and goes on thicker/faster, but it does leave some prints. Both smell a little medicinal (my dog is a hound), but he reluctantly allows either...for some treats. I apply it before we go for a walk and maybe after if things are bad.

    Thanks for the great blog!

  19. Yes, love the tub pics. Musher's Secret is the best, I think. Also I stopped trimming the hair between her pads. I let it grow really long. I think it protects, somewhat. Also, it holds more of the musher's secret. I just stick her whole foot in the jar and squish it around. It lasts quite awhile, too.

  20. Ultrapaws sells a variety of booties for dogs. They are like shoes for dogs so her pads would be protected. We use them to keep our dogs from sliding around on hardwood floors and in the winter snow.