Monday, March 23, 2009

Our Rainy Weekend

Turned out to be not so rainy after all. Yay! Our trial was indoors, but still, exercising dogs in the rain, tiring out Sidekick Dog in the rain, in and out of hotel rooms in the rain, mud, mud everywhere...not so much fun.

The trial was great...*cough*100% Q rate*cough*...our buddies Dave and Rumili were with us this weekend. Always fun to have someone to share "What was that!?" critiques after runs.

Bella, however, not so much with the sharing. Rumili joined us briefly for some Frisbee.

The wind caused some initial confusion...haha

Once he was on a roll, though, forget itPoor Bella is not used to playing with a dog that's (how do you say "retarded" without saying "retarded"....???...oh, wait, I know...) Kate

Why is there a fluffy black butt between me and my Friz?
Hey, I think that's mine
Dude, seriously, Mine!
She said "Mine!!"
Speaking of Kate...

Different town, different grass, different toy, same result

OK, OK, she did have some good catches.

But she lacks the style and traffic directing talents of her sister


Have you ever had one of those moments of complete panic with your dog? One of those seconds in time when you swear you will be picking up your dog and running to the e-vet in hopes that they can be put back together? Heart stopping, something in your throat moments?

Me too, and in pictures to boot - scroll ready fast for full affect

The thing that made it worse than just watching my dog go ass over tea kettle, was that she took so long to start walking towards me once she got up. I was standing there just thinking....walk, walk, please walk. She has this thing about Frisbees. She can't just pick it up like a normal dog. Oh no. She has to carry it like it's a frickin' taco. Which takes some time to maneuver. Which makes me crazy when you look like you just broke in two.


  1. Nice blog. So, Kate doesn't have any sight problems or anything? That thought just seemed to pop in my head..not because, ya know, she's not so great at the frisbee thing or anything...ahem...nothing to do with that at all :)

  2. Congrats on the trial!

    So glad she came out of her tumble in one peice. Those pics were kinda scarry to look at.

  3. I heart Kate and her "specialness."

  4. Wow that is one great dog wipe out action shot! Love the blog!

  5. I've definitely had those heart-stopping moments with my dogs. Great action pictures, and congrats on the trial :)

  6. Kate ain't so dumb...she was just having some fun with you after her heart-stopping catch that was worthy of a TV highlight reel. We love the picture of the "frisbee beret" on Kate, too.

    Jeez...what's with the grabby Aussie??? No fun!

    We hate rainy competition days. The pits.

  7. Nice blog. Love your pictures. I have a beagle that is not nearly that well trained. We invented a dog leash that stays on his collar so we can take him out for a short trip or hold him back from strangers at the front door. You can check out our web site at . The leash seems to work for us. Thanks for pictures.

  8. Our dog Love has trouble picking up a Frizbee at all, let alone in a taco form. When we throw it in the water for him he paws it down to the bottom and doesn't want to stick his head in to get it. He's also the smartest of our two dogs.