Sunday, April 12, 2009

More Props To The East Bay!

The South Bay (where San Jose is located for you not-so-local types) is so not dog friendly. In order to run your dogs on grass instead of a gravel dog park, you must be willing to break the law. One must resort to school yards, abandoned housing, city or county owned land that has little traffic and the occasional office park on a weekend.

Not the East Bay. They love dogs. They allow off leash fun in damn-near every regional park. If the path is not paved, pups need not be shackled. Today we headed to the Sunol Regional Wilderness. Total Sound of Music backdrop. It was fantastical.

Sunny and 68°.

A cute little brook. Totally babbling, too, BTW.

And Bella's most favorite thing on the planet

Well, OK, it's not so much the cow, but what comes out of the cow. And this I have to share water with?!

Is this not a look of total content?

Little Miss Shit Lips.

For those of you that know her IRL, keep this post in mind next time she's licking your face.

Once they got their first serving of Field Fudge, I was totally out of the picture for them. The hunt was on.

Do you have any over there? I got nothing over here.

Look at how polite Bell is. Nicely waiting her turn.

Hmm, did Bella find poop over there?

I'm on a hill and I found some poop. I love today!And lastly, Bella On Rock. 'Cause, if you ignore me because you are overtaken with excrement excitement I make you stand on things. That's just the way it works.


  1. What lovely pics on a lovely hill side with lovely...poo? My little mutt loves horse poo, she's never gotten any cow cakes.
    I wish we lived in such a dog friendly place. They kick you out no matter where you go here if the dog is off leash. No fun at all.

  2. I walk my dogs on the golf course behind our house. It is populated with lots of ducks and geese....the dogs think it is "candy land".

  3. Field Fudge! I LOVE IT! I am so going to use that. Ranger is a huge field fudge fan!

    BTW Absolutely gorgeous shots.

  4. Lovely pictures and what a wonderful place for the dogs even with the cowpoop!


  5. Hahahaha! I love how you call it Field Fudge :) Very inventive! Even with poo on her face, she's a beauty (how could she not be, when she has such a contented smile on her face?)

  6. gross. i was hoping you meant milk...

  7. That's funny with the cow dodo. Next pics too.

  8. Great shots! This reminds me of a trip I took with one of my German Sheps and we drove up to Wisconsin and on one stop I let him out for his break and he found a big load left behind from a catte truck...oh boy! He rolled in it and the aroma lasted the entire trip from there back home!

  9. Wow, (Disgusting as it seems,) it's nice to know my red heeler, Gracie, isn't the only one with an appetite for Field Fudge. Even weirder is that she and Bella could be twins. So do all red heelers have that duious distinction?