Monday, March 16, 2009

The Annual Delivery

Actual conversation at work with co-worker:

CW: You got a package
Me: Oh, yay! Peeeneeees!
CW: Something for the girls?
Me: *Pointing at box and donning serious face* This is a box of 150 bull penis's.
CW: Well, what is it? Some kind of treat?
Me: It's penis's.
CW: Some kind of meat?
Me: I guess a penis would be considered meat. Are you not hearing me?
CW: I thought you were kidding.
Me: Why would I kid about penis's? You want to hold one?
CW: No.

I then proceeded to walk through the shop and offices with a handful of bully sticks to deliver to Uncle Charles for Busters enjoyment and dental health. And, you know what? No one said anything. My co-workers are apparently so used to seeing me walk around with various parts of various livestock that it's no more interesting than carrying my coffee cup around. No longer do I get to say, "This is a cow tail [or ostrich leg or chicken foot or etc.]" That's no fun. How on earth can I up that ante?

OMG! It's like Christmas in July, only in March!
Bella's answer to all things stressful...stretch!

This. Want. Now.


Kate likes to savor

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  1. Awesome find...Bison and Lindsay love them some bullies!